Who, who asks? And why?

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All the big players are sharing information, sometimes even stolen. China is suspected of being a large and formidable computer spy, managed to be pass under silence, because of political silence.

Russia is a country that defends the interests of the need to maintain information in the top. Probably does not have a  European listening line as England makes together with the Nordic countries, which are connected to the NSA.

Russia has a huge territory, which is not negligible. Covers some meridians and can easily spy on Europe and the United States. The United States has already become a tradition with controversies and scandals with different actors, so who captures the Russian onslaught? Information technology has had its cracks. T

his topic is for connoisseurs and their authors, not for Plebs who has her daily worries. The world has begun to divide in super, middle and bottom. It depends on each actor where play.


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