Electoral process in Romanian blockage

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Would stutter recent political dispute in respect of the two candidates ,missing and disruption in diaspora vote raised questions. Until you close ally Voiculescu which only he was missing in the presidential candidates,by hiding away by it urges us to hatred against the president. Disagreements ,lies and handling reveal at present a terrible truth.

Constitutional Court has to be reduced to silence. National Agency for integrity,DNA and other produce allergy part corrupted. Irony that the two candidates alliance means since then USL . An alliance which has taken birth through their interest in personal group. TV stations have been working at full capacity for this process. Didn’t imagine today the two candidates that will make up an alliance with those who still yesterday’s lesson in many ways.

But it is the mid-citizen. What options does the vote? That would be the vote guaranteed? In Romania or abroad? Who can guarantee that their vote will not be useless?

Today in to ask electors’ vote honest without you refuse this right, there is a moment of truth very difficult and sad. From the Parliament is very easy to give down a state president,to overthrow presidents of camera,to metastasizing Constitutional Court powers the list goes on … The truth is but another.citizen does not have allies,cannot divide function, would not give the amnesty decrees and laws can be issued only to law etc. is the vote. ..AND this right is taken away.


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