Romania is shamed by the candidate of the poverty and corruption

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Romania is shamed by the candidate of the poverty and corruption….

After Carol I and Ferdinand, only Ceausescu  has also contributed to the industrialization of the Country. This huge effort of the Romans has cost them 60 years of deprivation to be able to return the loans, to have an infrastructure even old. ..but the new and of the time. During the reign of Charles I built 80 km of the rail road annually..attention. ..80 km... happen since 1860. After 1945 begins the second largest Romanian industrialization and urbanization that holds until 1989. Romania was at that time the Princess, and markets arm of the great powers.
Who is Romania after 1989? The pretext, as the grapes are sour released by interest groups, the old Princess is systematically raped and robbed. Robbed of factories,demolished brick with brick, sold to scrap metal, bound with breakneck loans made by dying little by little. From a Princess get paying the prostitute who can back and others. Thefts are so big that Romania be reached very quickly into depression..economic, political and social. With immigration at all neglected, keeps its hospitality and the good sense compared to those who continue to portray. Foreign capitals where it was ubiquitous, now no longer a humble and at each door. WhyFortunately in this presidential year 2014 has a chance to revive from its own ashes … after one hundred years … with a german head of State.
Shamed? In 1989 under the leadership of FSN;PDSR; UDMR; CDR;UNPR ; PC; Romania has arrived, Prince, immigrant, thief, Gypsy and of Europe. Why is fear of London? The German did not speak Hungarian, German works, keep Europe, talk less … and evolve.
Who came to support the Coalition for beggars? Italy..Naturally, the …Country for the third consecutive time in the recession.. Albania missed. of origin of the tree ginealogic […]Ponta. … a country in full recession of communism. …towards democracyand ..

.Who is Germany? And a hill? The number 1 economy in Europe …Choose from Romania to be again the Princess? Or the Gypsy remains delinquent, immigrant,always surprising and pointed with his finger. Good men from the Romania does not want to be categorized Gypsies, thieves and other miseries. They want a strong country, a State of law and a better future.


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