The Romanians defeated the candidate of corruption

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open  Endured the cold and the distances of hundreds of kilometers, rallied for their right won at the 1989 revolution. The right to vote. They fled Romania for a better life with hopes that Romania will change something. They gave the vote a coalition called USL, which has disappointed the State and constitutional coup. Disappointed by the corruption of the heart cancerigena Coalition PSD + PC + UNPR + UDMR. There is no party without corruption, presidential candidate of the Coalition, however, Victor Ponta, Roman law Board Act.Romania seized if it can be said through the local barons, bribery of any shape, convictions at the ECHR cases with prejudicial and financial gloom.


A huge, desperate hope and started in the hearts of those who chanted in the street, we want to vote “have produced fear, chills and fears of corruption.Oligarchs will remain safely in the prisons, the law will be respected. They did not fear oligarchs but when they slap when they find it difficult. With insults assumed as Gypsies, thieves and others, they work and send the amount visible in gross domestic product. Have the right to have a country where to return, where to live with dignity.

Mr. President of Romania Klaus Johannis. … the dignity of Romanians … they went outin the street to be able to vote, they hope that you will be what 100 years ago    Carol I was for Romania. Romania Success!


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