Romania in danger of a constitutional coup

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Declared of the PSD Alliance and runaways from PNL , have told the world that USL is risen. With Victor Ponta, President and a Prime Minister Calin Popescu Tariceanu. Now after the Democratic victory of Klaus Johannis, Calin Popescu Tariceanu is reserved to become interim President of Romania, after the vote of the Romanian Parliament. This monstrous coalition and strategy showed that the long hand, thousands of Romanians were submissive to the polls, and minds as shall ensure conditions can Klaus-Iohannis1
stories, lies, libel, attack the person of Johannis.
Romanians, the precedent of ousting of Traian Basescu, has learned not to mind any coalition that willpower of the people matter. The Romanians! Fight for your rights in the street will give top politicians. Former USL pulled out in the street people as Romanian President Traian Basescu to be sacked. The demise of the two managements representative rooms, augments the functioning of Justice and the Constitutional Court. This coalition has resorted to stratagems to attract legal primary election without and other government officials.
The danger of this constitutional coup is imminent in Romania. The candidate has made it clear that Johannis will not promulgate laws for the right wing and the interests of the group … interest than paid by the oligarchs. PSD of Romania is the only party that has not changed the vision and evolution towards democracy. Russian membership of the founder of of Ion Iliescu‘s founder, and later to the mafia type organisation, through the local barons.


The Romanians! make a common front against abuses, manifest and defend your right searned with the blood of those who died in 1989. Do common front with democracy,fight against corruption, be worthy to you at home and anywhere in the world. .. you won a fight in. ..victory is away ….
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