Helping reform Ukraine’s military education system

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The National Defence University in Warsaw recently hosted a tailored workshop to help Ukraine’s Department of Military Education draft an initial ”Concept Paper for the Reform of Military Educational System of Ukraine”.

The five-day workshop from 3 to 7 November was organised in the context of Ukraine’s Defence Education Enhancement Programme (DEEP) with NATO. It was led by the NATO adviser for military education reform, Major General (ret) Professor Boguslaw Pacek and based on the experience gained during the past year from the activities offered through the DEEP programme by several Allies, including the Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, the United Kingdom and the United States.

DEEP is a tailored programme through which the Alliance advises NATO partner countries on how to build, develop and reform educational institutions in the security, defence and military domain. Two main tracks of assistance focus on: faculty and curriculum development, covering areas such as operational planning, leadership; and instructional methodology themes such as e-learning and evidence-based assessment.

The development of Ukraine’s DEEP followed a request from the former Ukrainian Defence Minister in 2012 for NATO to assist in improving Ukraine’s professional military education system. The specifics of the programme were agreed in March 2013 and implementation started in July 2013. It is the biggest DEEP ever to be launched with a partner country (in 2014, forty events involving more than thirty NATO experts and 150 Ukrainian faculty members, reaching an audience of almost 2,000).

In the weeks following the workshop, representatives of all Ukrainian defence educational institutions will start special ‘Shadow Faculty visits’. Ukrainian professors will shadow Allied counterparts in the classroom, as well as in organising and managing their institutions. The aim is to immerse Ukrainian faculty into different NATO defence education systems to help them transform their own institutions at home. The visits start in Poland and the Czech Republic, followed by other Allied countries.

In December 2014 within the DEEP programme, a NATO team led by Canada and supported by experts from the Czech Republic, Lithuania, Poland and the United States will launch a new form of assistance for non-commissioned officers. These efforts will complement current activities under Ukraine’s DEEP programme aimed at building interoperability with Allied forces.

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