Russia may have traitors in NATO?

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100415a-HQ28-007 NATO Headquarters Brussels.

Possibility of betrayals in NATO is a question which can be certain. NATO is an Alliance that was built and completed in order to fight against the former Soviet Union and now against Russia.
NATO countries have different interests in the Russian market and regional policy.
Hungary’s recent plans to be the main player of gas in Europe and its dreams of unification of all Hungarians in neighboring countries, there are serious grounds of treason of the NATO Alliance.

Cyprus and Greece are two terrible failures of the European Union, countries that have accepted the Russian support for lack of alternatives. Together with these countries, Hungary are NATO and EU members.

Germany and France are concerned different from Russia. France has supplied ships of war Russia, Germany is a great friend of Russia.
Businesses do not know Russia’s isolation as long as this war brings money to a group of lobbyists. How strong is the NATO Alliance?

There may be a surprise to see traitors in case of a war with Russia?


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