Students express appreciation for “unique” OPEC Seminar experience

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Vienna, Austria, 17 June 2015–A group of students that attended the 6th OPEC International Seminar in Vienna on June 3-4 has written to the Organization, thanking it for providing them with a “unique” experience and for “promoting the youth of our countries”.

In a personal letter of gratitude to the OPEC Secretariat in the Austrian capital, the students spoke of their “profound appreciation” for the invitation. They also thanked OPEC Secretary General, Abdalla Salem El-Badri, for giving them the opportunity to take part in an event that “gathers major actors from around the world to present their perspectives on the international oil market.”

The 12 students were nominated to take part in the Seminar by selected OPEC Member Countries and the host country, Austria. In doing so, they were able to gain first-hand experience of the Organization’s affairs, as well as broaden their knowledge of the international energy industry in general.

In the letter signed by them all, they stressed that the OPEC Seminar represented “an appointment with no comparison”, in which the Organization’s efforts towards stability and sustainability were fully shown.

“For this reason, we want to make a special mention of His Excellency, the OPEC Secretary General, because under his leadership this unique initiative has taken place as an incentive towards securing a future that needs professionals with world-class skills, but also people with a strong commitment,” read the letter.

The students added: “The OPEC International Seminar is a concrete example of the Organization’s undertaking towards dialogue and cooperation. The presence of youth is a beneficial addition that heightens the scope of the initiative as it stands at the forefront of efforts to face tomorrow’s challenges.”

OPEC has long recognized the importance of students and young people for the future of the oil and gas industry, which is today facing a shortage of skilled manpower.

During their three-day stay in Vienna, the students were able to attend all Seminar sessions, which featured some 30 presentations from energy stakeholders covering many industry subjects, such as global energy outlooks, oil market stability, production capacity and investment, technology and the environment, and prospects for the world economy.

The students who attended the Seminar were: Kathrin Ziodnjak, Christoph Schwarzenegger, and Tarek El Mesallamy, all of Austria; Amina Azli of Algeria; Kathia Pinzon Venegas of Ecuador; Abaas Dadashi Ali Khajeh of I.R. Iran; Jana Al-Qenaei of Kuwait; Fortune Ljeoma Nwokocha of Nigeria; Faisal Rashid Alnoora of Qatar; Abdullah Ahmed Al-Shuaibi of Saudi Arabia; Miriam Hrm Rashed Al Rashed of the United Arab Emirates (UAE); and Jesus Americo Alvarado Soto of Venezuela. They are pictured opposite with the OPEC Secretary General.

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