Turkish frigate re-joins NATO’s Counter-Piracy Operation

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13 JUL 2015

GULF OF ADEN – Over the weekend, the Turkish Navy Frigate TCG GEDIZ (F-495) re-joined NATO’s counter-piracy Operation OCEAN SHIELD, having previously supported the operation in April.

TCG GEDIZ brings experienced Sailors and capabilities relevant to the counter-piracy operation, including an embarked helicopter and boarding team.


The ship will conduct regular counter-piracy patrols in the OCEAN SHIELD area of responsibility, which includes the Gulf of Aden and the Somali Basin, and support NATO’s regional capacity building efforts with nations in the area, enhancing interoperability and cooperation between counter-piracy naval forces.

“NATO’s counter-piracy efforts in the waters off the Horn of Africa continue to help preserve maritime security and protect international shipping in the area,” said Allied Maritime Command (MARCOM) Chief of Staff Rear Admiral Giorgio Lazio. “We greatly appreciate the Turkish Navy’s continued support and commitment to NATO’s maritime operations.”

Source: HQ MARCOM Public Affairs Office


L. J. De Rothschild

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NATO Section


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