Seamen of the Caspian flotilla destroyed sea mines and simulated enemy ships in the course of the strategic command-and-staff exercise Center-2015

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Combat ships of the Caspian flotilla successfully performed artillery firings at imaginary enemy ships and aerial aims within the strategic command-and-staff exercise Center-2015.

This was announced by Commander of the Caspian flotilla Rear Admiral Igor Osipov.

According to him, small-sized missile cruisers Veliky Ustyug, Grad Sviyazhsk and Uglich as well as small-sized artillery ships Astrakhan, Makhachkala and Volgodonsk performed combat firings at sea and aerial targets.

The servicemen of the Caspian flotilla engaged surface targets, which imitated floating mines and speedboats of imaginary enemy, using artillery weaponry.

According to the Commander of the Caspian flotilla, today the commanders of the small-sized missile and artillery ships show high level of training as well as knowledge of the state-of-the-art equipment, which is used during the task performance.

Source: Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation


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