Ambassador Shannon’s Participation in the First JCPOA Joint Commission Meeting

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Ambassador Tom Shannon led the U.S. delegation at the first meeting on October 19 of the Joint Commission, which was established to monitor implementation of the JCPOA. Ambassador Shannon was joined by Lead Coordinator for Iran Nuclear Implementation Ambassador Stephen Mull. All of the JCPOA participants—the P5+1, the EU and Iran—attended the session. At this first meeting of the Joint Commission, participants focused on the organizational work necessary for establishing the modalities and operations of the Joint Commission by Implementation Day. Participants heard an update from Iran on its plans to meet its nuclear commitments, and Ambassador Shannon and Ambassador Mull briefed the others on the U.S. actions taken on Adoption Day to meet our commitments.

On the sidelines of the Joint Commission meeting, U.S. nuclear and sanctions experts met with counterparts among the other JCPOA participants as well as the IAEA, in order to ensure that all parties remain on track to meet their Implementation Day commitments.

In a separate bilateral meeting with his Iranian counterparts, Ambassador Shannon emphasized the importance of Iran fully and transparently meeting all of its JCPOA commitments, and raised the cases of the U.S. Citizens detained in and missing from Iran.

Source; U.S Department of State


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