In the course of last week the Russian Aerospace Forces aviation has continued performing strikes against facilities of the ISIS and Jabhat an-Nusra terrorist organizations in the territory of the Syria

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In the course of last week the Russian Aerospace Forces aviation has continued performing strikes against facilities of the ISIS and Jabhat an-Nusra terrorist organizations in the territory of the Syrian Arab Republic. Armed Forces of Syria continued their offensive operations and liberating towns and villages.

In total, the Russian aviation has carried out 934 combat sorties and destroyed 819 terrorists’ facilities.

Last week the aviation group destroyed 363 targets, including 71 command centres, 10 plants and workshops manufacturing explosives, 30 different POL, materiel and ammunition depots, 252 fortified areas, strong points and field camps of the terrorists.

As a result of the Russian aviation strikes, main terrorists’ forces equipped with best-trained militants lost thier fighting ability; control and supply systems were disrupted; terrorists suffer serious lack of ammunition, weapons and fuel.

So-called “Sheikh Ahmad”, leader of “Al-Walid” terrorist group, was badly wounded during combats against the Syrian Armed Forces in the southern suburbs of Aleppo. The illegal armed group has been completely liquidated.

The massive desertion of terrorists not only to rear regions but also beyond the Syrian borders, including the territory of Turkey and Jordan, is one of the main problems of terrorists.

Field commanders of the “Jabhat an-Nusra” terrorist organization taking urgent efforts to project additional forces to the front line as the ISIS formations are leaving their positions and retreating to the east.

ISIS leadership has to project new forces from Iraq to Syria because of big losses. Field commanders have to carry out total mobilization of 12-year and older men in under-control territories. However, these recruits are dropping weapons and leaving their positions because of being scared.

There is information saying that a number of militants’ leaders in Aleppo province are forming retreat-blocking detachments in order to stop desertion. Several field commanders started establishing communications with units of the Syrian Armed Forces with suggestions of truces and negotiations.

The Syrian Armed Forces, using strike results of the Russian aviation, concentrated their main efforts on offensive operations in the Aleppo, Lattakia, Idlib, Homs and Damascus provinces.

In common combat actions are held round the inhabited areas, where the Russian aviation does not carry out missions and the Syrian Forces use heavy artillery only against uncovered fire positions.

Thus, in the Aleppo province, assault units of the governmental forces drove out ISIS units andtook hold of Jdeideh on October 21. At the present time, the units are developing offensive in the direction of Kwaires airbase. The airbase is expected to be unblocked in a few days. The units are in 7-8 kilometres away from the defended airfield.

To the south-east of Aleppo, the Syrian Forces liberated Sabikia, Khan Tuman, Karasi, Khan al-Assal, Shughaydilah, and now reached Balas, where they are preparing for the assault operation.

Battles continue in the north-west of Aleppo where the governmental troops liberate one street by another in order to surround the militants in the centre of the city.

It is to be mentioned that the rate of offensive cannot be increased because the militants use civilians as a human shield like it was during the liberation of the Khan-Tuman settlement.

In the Lattakia province, assault units of governmental troops and militia conduct reconnaissance and search actions in order to detect weak points in the enemy’s defensive and to suppress its firing positions. Salma and Sirmania settlements are blocked and are about to be mopped up.

In the central part of Syria, the governmental forces captured and are holding the southern outskirts of Teyr Maala, blocked militants in Dar al Kabeer and continue detection and elimination of firing positions of the enemy.

Moreover, the units of the governmental troops have driven the militants out of a large railway junction Mahata, liberated Sneysel and achieved the suburbs of Semali.

Near Damascus, units of the Syrian army conduct operation on elimination of the enemy in the Jaubar and Eastern Ghouta Regions. Despite the tough resistance of the militants, the entrapment is being tightened, one district is liberated after another.

The most obvious result of this operation is that the artillery bombardment of the capital of Syria was stopped for the first time over a quite long period.

Russian unmanned aerial vehicles uncovered a new route of deliveries of armament, ammunition and equipment for the ISIS groupings from Iraq.

The key object of this logistic chain was the bridge over the Euphrates river near Deir ez-Zor. Today the Russian aircraft made a pinpoint strike on that bridge; it resulted in rendering the bridge improper for its further usage by terrorists for their purposes.

It is to be emphasized that the strike was made in the regions, which are, according to the American partners, under the full ISIS control. Moreover, the Syrian units, which had been surrounded for over a year in the area near Deir ez-Zor, used this opportunity and started offensive taking hold of one of militants’ strong point.

In conclusion, it is to be said that as in all wars, children suffer most of all. In the captured areas, the terrorists do not only demolish historical inheritance but also completely destroyed the state health care system.

Now the Syrian army liberates cities and settlements, in which for many months and even years medical assistance was rendered only to militants.

It is obvious that Syria cannot help all its people at once. To that end, Minister of Defence has made a decision on rendering qualified medical assistance to children who suffered from terrorists in the medical institutions of the Russian Ministry of Defence.

After fulfillment of all the formalities, the first batch of children from Syria will arrive for treatment in Russia.

As it has been promised, the comprehensive information concerning the activities of the Russia aviation in Syria is published daily and weekly for prevention of insinuations and baseless accusations of breaching of the international humanitarian law.

Source: Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation


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