Chinese navy commander meets with U.S. navy captain delegation

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BEIJING, Oct.23 (ChinaMil) — Admiral Wu Shengli, commander of the Navy of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA), met with a delegation of U.S. Navy captains in Beijing on October 22.

Wu Shengli said that President Xi Jinping and President Obama have had a number of successful meetings since last year and have reached a series of consensuses on development of the new type of China-U.S. major country relationship and military relations between the two countries.

To implement the consensuses reached by leaders of both countries, the Chinese and American navies are working together to build a new type of relations between navies of major countries, Adm. Wu continued.

He stressed that young officers are the future of the navy and therefore shoulder grave responsibility in constructing and deepening the relations between navies of China and U.S.

In Adm. Wu’s point of view, the current China-U.S. naval relations have entered the “golden age” in history, as evidenced by the approval of the “Code for Unplanned Encounters at Sea”, frequent high-level interactions, increasingly deepened joint exercises and training, fruitful consultation mechanisms, pragmatic exchange of ship visits and interactions between frontline troops, resulting in enhanced mutual trust and more effective communications.

Specifically, the two navies successfully organized consultations and jointly pushed forward the signing of the China-U.S. Memorandum of Understanding on the Code of Safe Conduct on Naval and Air Military Encounters, a concrete action in implementing the consensus reached by presidents of the two countries, said Adm. Wu.

Next, the Chinese Navy will send a delegation of frontline commanding officers to visit the U.S. and in the future, exchange activities between frontline troops of the two navies will gradually be institutionalized, he added.

During the meeting, Adm. Wu also responded to questions related to construction and development of the Chinese Navy raised by the U.S. delegation.

In accordance with the annual plan of exchange between Chinese and U.S. navies, the delegation of U.S. Navy captains started its China visit on Oct. 18.

The 27 U.S. Navy captains have visited the Chinese aircraft carrier Liaoning, the PLA Navy Submarine Academy and the PLA Navy Command Academy.

In February this year, the PLA Navy sent a delegation consisting of 29 young captains to visit the U.S. and Admiral Jonathan W. Greenert, the then chief of U.S. Naval Operations, met with the delegation

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