Tomsk patronage delegation visited a nuclear-powered missile cruiser of the Pacific Fleet

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The delegation from Tomsk arrived in the city of Vilyuchinsk, the base of the Pacific Fleet’s Submarine Forces, to visit the nuclear-powered submarine cruiser.

During this event, the delegation met with the command of the Pacific Fleet’s Submarine Forces and the nuclear submarine’s crew. The commander of the nuclear submarine “Tomsk” Captain 1 Rank Ivan Gubin held for the guests a tour of the ship, acquainted them with the crew and living service conditions. He assured that submariners value patronage ties, and the crew will keep its honour for worthy protection of the Far Eastern maritime borders.

Currently, the crew includes more than 10 people, previously called up from Tomsk and continuing service under the contract aboard the cruiser.

The crew of the submarine cruiser “Tomsk” is considered to be one of the best in the Pacific Fleet. For this it was repeatedly awarded with prizes of the Commander-in-Chief of the Navy according to the results of combat training.

Source: Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation


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