Air defence missile units of the Baltic Fleet repelled air attack of simulated enemy

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Within the unannounced combat readiness inspection of the air defence and naval aviation formations of the Baltic Fleet in the Kaliningrad Region, crews of air defence missile complexes and Su-27 fighters practiced repelling of simulated enemy.

Imaginary enemy was represented by tactical Su-24 bombers, An-26 military transport aircraft, Mi-24 and Ka-27 helicopters of the Baltic Fleet.

According to the scenario of the exercise, the enemy was making a strike with the density of 4 targets per minute. Su-27 were taken into the air to engage the aims.

The crews successfully hit all the targets. The simulated enemy aircraft were detected and conventionally destroyed with “air-to-air” and “surface-to-air” missiles. The pilots worked under the conditions of heavy jamming environment.

Source; Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation


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