Chief of the Main Operational Directorate of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces Andrei Kartapolov summed up the results of the actions of the Russian air group in Syria for the last month

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A month has passed since the start of operation of the Russian air group in the Syrian Arab Republic.

The time has come to sum up certain results. In total, aircraft of the Russian air group have performed 1391 combat sorties engaging 1623 terrorist objects.

That includes:

  • 249 different command and communication centres;
  • 51 terrorist training camps;
  • 35 plants and workshops equipping cars with explosives;
  • 131 ammunition depots;
  • 371 strong points and fortified positions;
  • 786 field camps and different bases.

The intensiveness of combat actions of the Russian aviation in Syria remains at the high level.

The airstrikes of the Russian aircraft caused considerable changes in the situation in Syria. Terrorists suffered significant loses.

The logistic and control systems of illegal armed groups, which had been built for recent years, were disrupted.

Main command and communication centers were rendered inoperative. The largest bases supplying terrorists with armament fuel and ammunition were destroyed. Infrastructure used for terrorists’ training was eliminated.

The ISIS and Jabhat al-Nusra lost the initiative and were forced to defensive tactics all over the frontline. Stability of control over illegal armed groups was disrupted. This was ensured by elimination of 28 odious terrorist leaders. Thus, in the course of the last two days, four such persons were eliminated in al-Ghab area (Idlib province).

Suffering great losses, terrorists are trying to reinforce their units with new militants.

Terrorists are taking efforts to project their reserves from Iraq and other neighbouring countries to the Aleppo province where the most massive reinforcement takes place. However, the level of training and morale of the reserve units is rather low. That is why the militants, who are surrounded or under fire of the Syrian Armed Forces in several districts, are trying to escape by declaring themselves to be members of so-called “moderate opposition” while their leaders stop paying them money because of their cowardice and reluctance to fight.

To obtain political and financial support from abroad, the leadership of several illegal groups forming part of the Jabhat al-Nusra terrorist grouping decided to reject their symbols and to join the Harakat Ahrar ash-Sham, which was considered to be a member of “moderate opposition” by the West.

Moreover, in the Hama province, field commanders of the Jabhat al-Nusra illegal armed groups decided to unite with the ISIS because of the offensive operation of the Syrian Army.

A number of well-trained terrorist groups became uncontrolled in most combat areas.

Heads of illegal armed groups resorted to unprecedented severe measures in order to stop desertion of militants.

Executions of prisoners and hostages by militants has become routine. The latest case – the public execution of 17 Al-Ghurabaa’s militants, who tried to leave the combat zone for Jordan territories – was held in Han Shih (suburbs of Damascus). Civilians were forced to watch the execution. All the action was filmed for further distribution among other groupings, which operated near Damascus and other regions.

The map shows regions, which had been under control of the Syrian Armed Forces before the strikes of the Russian Air Force against the ISIS illegal armed groups.

Air strikes of the Russian aviation gave the Syrian Army opportunity to carry out offensive operations in the Aleppo, Lattakia, Idlib, Homs, Damascus provinces and to make the terrorist leave vast territories.

In the course of the last three weeks of combat actions, the Syrian Army has liberated more than 50 large inhabited areas, about 350 square kilometers. The civilians started returning to their homes in several towns and villages.

Thus, near Aleppo, the Syrian Armed Forces liberated 19 settlements. The governmental forces repelled all the terrorists’ counterattacks and continued their offensive at Kwaires in order to unblock it completely.

In Lattakia province, militants were driven out of 9 settlements. Intense battle for Salmia town is taking place in the plain area.

In the central part of Syria, the governmental forces liberated 12 towns in the Hama province. The Armed Forces are pressing the attack in the northern direction.

In the Homs province, offensive operations of the governmental forces and militia units resulted in obtaining control over Sanasil town and full blockage of large illegal armed groups in several inhabited areas such as Al-Dar al-Kabirah, Deir-Semali, Teir Maalah. They are about to be eliminated.

Near Damascus, intense fighting is continued in the Eastern Guta district.

The Armed Forces reached significant success near Douma and Nulah.

In the Jobar direction, the governmental forces continue carrying out offensive operations in order to surround illegal armed grouping of the militants concentrated in the area.

Despite significant losses, the illegal armed groups continue holding positions, which had become strong areas with vast underground tunnel system and different fortifications within the last few years.

Taking into account the fact that the combat actions are being held around inhabited areas, the Syrian Armed Forces minimized the usage of aviation and artillery in order to save the infrastructure of the cities and prevent casualties among civilians.

However, it is early to talk about complete victory over terrorists in Syria. Despite significant desertion and losses, terrorists continue resisting the governmental forces. The Syrian Armed Forces curbed all their counterattacks inflicting heavy losses on illegal armed groups.

After a month has passed, it is still very difficult to get the essence of the ambitions and actions of the so-called Syrian “moderate opposition”.

Before the threat of occupation of the country by international terrorist forces, all the patriotic forces must unite and to act within the common front against the common enemy. But unfortunately, that has not happened yet.

The Russian Ministry of Defence has repeatedly said about the readiness to cooperate will all the Syrian units fighting against the ISIS and Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists. That relates to the Free Syrian Army.

We are ready for cooperation with the patriotic opposition in any format including one within the Joint information centre in Baghdad. The Russian Defence Ministry guarantees that all the obtained information received from the Free Syrian Army and other moderate formations concerning the objects of the ISIS and the Jabhat al-Nusra will be examined and the facilities will become primary targets for engagement by the Russian aviation.

In order to prevent possible incidents with aircraft of the coalition in the air space of Syria, the Russian Ministry of Defence has arranged cooperation with the American party in strict accordance with the signed memorandum. Twice a day, (in emergency situations – more frequently) the direct contact for discussion of security problems is arranged according to the scheme prescribed in the document.

Returing once again to the so called indiscriminate strikes of the Russian aviation in Syria.

In spite of the fact that the General Staff fully and rapidly informs the public about the activities of the Russian aviation in the Syrian Arab Republic, western media publish on an almost daily basis new fabrications accusing the Russian party of indiscriminate strikes.

In spite of the fact that the General Staff fully and rapidly informs the public about the activities of the Russian aviation in the Syrian Arab Republic, western media publish on an almost daily basis new fabrications accusing the Russian party of indiscriminate strikes.

They have come to such thing that the number of Russian strikes, which supposedly destroyed hospitals, mosques, residential houses and historical monuments, overrides the total number of hit made by the Russian aviation against terrorists.

Verified evidence and facts confirming this stovepiping are traditionally abscent.

As evidence, they present another photo collage or video footage of some ruins without reference to the place and time of the certain event.

Thus, the western media published another “hoax” concerning the Al Farooq Omar Bin Al Khattab Mosque supposedly demolished by the Russian strikes in Jisr al-Shughur (Idlib province).

Today the real picture is shown by the means of objective monitoring.

The photo, which was made yesterday on October 29, 2015, show this mosque.


The photo show in detail that the mosque suffered no damage.

That is why all the so-called revelations published by a number of respected publications is nothing but just a simple fabrication, which has no real factual basis.

I address once again to the western partners, which are trying to accuse the Russian Defence Ministry of indiscriminate strikes.

We know that every single moment spacecraft and reconnaissance aircraft are surveying the actions of the Russian Air Force in Syria.

That is why if the military departments of the NATO countries and other states want to accuse the Russian party of something, they have the opportunity to present all the specific facts and documents as the Russian Ministry of Defence does.

Source: Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation


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