Deputy Minister of Defence Anatoly Antonov took part in the session of the ASEAN defence ministers and dialogue partners

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Deputy Defence Minister Anatoly Antonov took part in the 3rd session of the ASEAN defence ministers and dialogue partners (“ADMM-plus”), which was held on October 4 in Kuala-Lumpur (Malaysia).

The participants of the forum exchanged their opinions concerning topical issues of international security putting emphasis on the situation in the region as well as the prospective directions of military cooperation development of the ASEAN countries and dialogue partners.

The participants considered in detail the activities of the “ADMM-plus” working groups in the fields of military medicine, humanitarian and emergency cooperation, maritime safety, counterterrorism, peacekeeping, and humanitarian mine clearance.

It was found necessary to strengthen the potential of countering challenges in the security sphere increasing the level of interaction in the course of joint exercises and creating mechanisms of rapid response.

In the course of his speech, Anatoly Antonov presented the points of view of the Russian Ministry of Defence on the issues of the agenda. In particular, he attached attention to the necessity of creation of a new architecture of the regional security, which was built on collective basis outside the blocs, as well as on equal and undivided security and the commonly accepted rules of international law. Deputy Defence Minister also spoke against the efforts of certain states to subordinate the countries of the region to the interests of their foreign policy including the concentration of military contingents in the region.

Deputy Head of the military department noted the necessity of consolidation of efforts of all the countries counteracting the threat of international terrorism, which was first of all represented by the “Islamic state”, as well as explained the missions the Russian special operation in Syria presenting its objective results.

Anatoly Antonov confirmed the readiness of the Russian party to take part in the three exercises of the “ADMM-plus” planned for 2016, in the course of which issues of all kinds of interaction among the military departments will be practiced. That will be an exercise on interaction of medical services during emergency relief operations and human-made catastrophes, which will take place in autumn in Thailand, an exercise on maritime security and counterterrorism, which will take place in May in the water zone of the South China Sea, and a peacekeeping and mine clearance exercise planned for March, 2016 in India.

Deputy Defence Minister specified the priorities of the Russian co-chairmanship in 2014-2017 in the expert working group of the “ADMM-plus” mechanism for military medicine.

Within the event, Anatoly Antonov will also hold a number of meetings with delegations of defence departments of the “ADMM-plus” countries.

Another session of the “ADMM-plus” will take place in 2017 in the Republic of Philippines.

Source; Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation


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