Anti-torture committee: “serious concern” over staff shortages and lack of medical confidentiality in Austrian prisons, among other themes

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Strasbourg, 06.11.2015 – The Council of Europe’s Committee for the Prevention of Torture and Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment ( CPT) published today a report on its September/October 2014 visit to Austria, together with the Austrian authorities’ response.

Among other themes, the report focuses on the treatment of persons detained by the police and conditions under which foreign nationals were held in detention pending deportation (Schubhaft). The CPT expresses “serious concern” over staff shortages in prisons visited and a lack of medical confidentiality. The CPT examined various issues related to prisons, including the situation of juvenile prisoners and inmates subjected to court-ordered forensic placement (Massnahmenvollzug).

In addition, it carried out a targeted visit to a psychiatric hospital to examine the use of means of restraint (freiheitsbeschränkende Massnahmen). In the visit report, the CPT reviewed measures taken by the Austrian authorities following recommendations it made after previous visits.

The main findings of the CPT are set out in the Executive Summary of the report.

In their response, Austrian authorities provide detailed information on steps being taken to address issues raised in the report.

The CPT’s report and the Austrian authorities’ response have been made public at the request of the Austrian Government.

Source; Council of Europe


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