Southern MD motorized rifle units moved to India for participating in Indra – 2015

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Servicemen of the Southern MD have left Russia for India in order to participate in the India-Russian joint exercise INDRA – 2015 from Marinovka airfield located in thhe Volgograd region.

The Russian contingent will be projected by two Il-76 transports of the Russian Aerospace Forces.

The exercise will last on November 9-18 at the Mahajan Field Firing Range. 250-men strong battalion groups with origin armament and hardware will participate in the exercise.

Units of the Southern MD motorized rifle brigade located in Volgograd region and units of the 13th battalion of grenadier regiment will participate in the exercise.

The servicemen of two countries will share their experience and improve interaction in performing tasks during the military conflict, including in providing security of important state facilities, covering the vehicle columns and liquidating simulated illegal armed groups.

Source; Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation


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