Chief of Main Operational Directorate of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces Colonel General Andrei Kartapolov summed up the results of the 2nd and 3rd massive airstrikes on ISIS objects in Syria

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30.10.2015 Брифинг начальника главного оперативного управления Генерального штаба Вооруженных Сил Российской Федерации генерал-полковника А.В. Картаполова (ситуация в Сирии)

In accordance with the orders of the Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, Russian Aerospace Forces continue conducting massive airstrikes on the territory of the Syrian Arab Republic.

Yesterday on November 18, in accordance with the Air operation plan, the second massive airstrike was made against 206 terrorist objects.

In the course of the last 24 hours, Russian aviation has carried out 126 combat sorties of Tu-160 and Tu-22M3 aircraft from the territory of the Russian Federation and of tactical aviation from the Hmeymim airbase.

Seven key terrorist objects have been destroyed by 16 air-based long-range cruise missiles in the provinces of Aleppo and Idlib.

Long-range bomber aviation destroyed 12 objects belonging to the ISIS illegal armed groups in the provinces of Raqqah and Deir ez-Zor.

Attack aviation from the Hmeymim airbase carried out 100 combat sorties, destroying 190 terrorist facilities, including:

58 command centres;

41 ammunition depots;

17 strong points and defensive positions;

74 militants’ concentration areas.

The objective monitoring data on the Russian airstrikes against terrorist strong points, positions and concentration areas can be seen on the screen.

As a result of massive airstrikes, terrorists have suffered significant manpower losses.

The available data shows that due to significant losses and inability to bury all killed members of illegal armed groups according to the religious rites of Islam, field commanders have decided to throw terrorists’ bodies into sewage pits.

In order to conceal the real numbers of losses, evacuation of dead and wounded terrorists is conducted at night. According to available data, a terrorist with the callsign “Abu Obeida” was tasked to discreetly deliver the corpses from the southern outskirts of Aleppo to the Khan al-Assal inhabited area.

Terrorists have acknowledged the deaths of field commanders Abu Nurlbagasi, Muhammad ibn Hayrat and Al-Okaba (who had been active near Aleppo), which resulted from the bomb and missile strikes of the Russian aviation.

Information has been obtained that on the night of November 18, terrorists of the Sham Taliban illegal armed group organized evacuation of the corpse of their commander “Ahmad Ziyya”, who had been killed in the vicinity of the Jubb al-Ahmar mountain. Other terrorist groups active in this area urgently requested reinforcements due to significant losses in manpower.

The leaders of the terrorists active in the Idlib province stated that militants had suffered great losses after the strike of a Russian cruise missile on the facility near the Juzef settlement.

On Novemebr 18, in Askhim settlement, “Abu Bakra” field commander was buried after he had been killed by missile and bomb attacks of the Russian aviation.

As a result of the losses, the control over the illegal armed groups, which conducted activities in the Homs province, was completely disrupted. The cases of refusal to perform assigned tasks were registered. Thus, militants of the field commander Abu Massab as-Suri from the Jabhat al-Nusra grouping did not fulfill the order on elimination of units of the Syrian Armed Forces near Deir Hanna inhabited area.

Field commander with a callsign “Abu Husan” broke the order of the leadership and refused to move with his group to the area of the Talbiseh settlement (Homs province).

The effectiveness of strikes performed by the Russian aviation is assessed on the basis of the objective monitoring data received from aircraft and unmanned aerial vehicles. Engagement of the most important facilities is additionally checked against the results of space reconnaissance. The data on the losses in manpower among terrorists are received from the Syrian party.

Examples of such videos and photos are regularly shown to the public.

Today at 9 o’clock in the morning (MSK), the Russian Air Force made the third massive airstrike against illegal armed groups on the territory of Syria.

From 9:00 till 9:20, Tu-95MS strategic missile-carrying aircraft having arrived from the territory of the Russian Federation launched 12 air-based cruise missiles on the ISIS objects in the Aleppo and Idlib provinces. Among the targets there were: POL depots, a plant producing explosives, a command centre, and an HQ of the ISIS terrorist organization in the Idlib city.

From 16:40 till 17:30, a squadron of Tu-22M3 long-range bombers made a concentrated strike on 6 facilities in the Raqqah and Deir ez-Zor provinces. Their targets were terrorists’ oil production sites controlled by the ISIS, an ammunition depot and a workshop used for manufacturing and repairing of mortars.

The strikes resulted in destruction of the following facilities:


3 POL and ammunition depots; a plant producing explosives; a command centre; a workshop used for manufacturing and repairing of mortars.

3 large oil production sites; an oil transfer facility.

In the course of the day, the attack aviation from the Hmeymim airbase has planned to carry out 98 combat sorties to engage 190 objects of terrorist groupings.

By 17:00, 60 combat sorties have been performed, 138 objects have been destroyed.

Russian Aerospace Forces continue massive airstrikes against terrorists in accordance with the Air operation plan.

Source: Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation


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