First face tissue transplantation completed in the Kirov Military Medical Academy

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The face tissue transplantation surgery was first carried out in Russia half a year ago caused a need for serious change in the law, stated the Minster of Health Veronika Skvortsova at a press conference in the Russian National Centre for Defence Control.

A face tissue transplantation surgery was first completed in France in 2005. Russia has become the eighth country to have completed the so-called allotransplantation of face tissues.

Russian military and civilian surgeons have for first time completed the transplantation surgery for a serviceman who had suffered an electrical trauma in August 2012. After the capabilities of reconstruction and plastic surgery were exhausted, medics decided to use donor face tissues for transplantation.

The operation lasted for over 18 hours and was carried out this May in the Kirov Military Medical Academy. It was the 32nd successful face transplantation surgery in the world.

According to Veronika Skvortsova, the operation caused the need for serious change in the existing law; in fact, a separate decree was given by the Ministry of Health to save the life of this individual person.

She also stated that the surgery has provided altering the law to allow to perform such surgeries in the future.

According to her, the immense amount of work that had to be done before the operation had been done not just for this patient. Now the Ministry has the order of actions for similar cases when such a surgery is needed. She noted that this case will become the model for such surgeries in the future.

In turn, the Chief of the Kirov Military Medical Academy Major General Andrei Belskikh expressed confidence that such complex high-tech treatment will become a common thing in the future.

According to the Deputy Minister of Defence State Secretary Nikolai Pankov’s, the Ministry of Defence will find accommodation for the serviceman who underwent the operation and help him get higher education.

The serviceman’s video message was also presented at the conference, in which he expressed gratitude to the medics and stated that he was intending to continue studies and work.

He noted that after the surgery he could go outside, talk to people and feel himself alright without any problems.

Source: Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation


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