New “black box” installed on PLA’s military aircraft

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BEIJING, December 3 (ChinaMil) — A new-generation flight data recorder (FDR) with high invulnerability performance has been successively installed on the military aircraft of the aviation troops under the Navy and the Air Force of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA), and it will also be widely used in civil aviation and relevant industrial sectors in China, according to relevant sources.

FDR, also known as “black box”, can record aircraft’s flight data in detail, restore accident process and help determine cause of accident.

Higher invulnerability performance is a unique requirement for FDR. In recent years, the performance of China’s military and civil aircraft has been greatly upgraded. But the upgrading of FDR has lagged behind, and FDR’s invulnerability performance is the main bottleneck problem.

To overcome the problem, it takes three years for the PLA Air Force to develop the new-generation FDR with its invulnerability performance being 1.5 times that of previous FDR.

The use of new-type high-strength, high-toughness materials and the more optimized structural design allow the China-made new-generation FDR to achieve the international advanced level, which has been proven by test data, according to the person in charge of the FDR project.

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