TRIDENT JET demonstrates innovation, serves as final test for NATO Air Command

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RAMSTEIN AIR BASE, Germany – With the completion of Exercise TRIDENT JUNCTURE 2015, where NATO airpower provided over 400 aircraft and flew over 2900 sorties for the largest NATO exercise in history, TRIDENT JET is the next exercise ready for take-off at Headquarters Allied Air Command Dec. 5-11.


TRIDENT JET will innovatively exercise AIRCOM’s ability to lead as a Joint Headquarters of a Smaller Joint Operation. The exercise will certify AIRCOM as a Joint Headquarters, adding to the wide range of options available to NATO.
“This innovative way of exercising allows senior leadership to work through both strategic and operational level dilemmas in a way traditional exercises typically don’t explore,” said Gen. Frank Gorenc, AIRCOM Commander.
Headquarters Allied Air Command Chief of Staff, Maj. Gen. Erich Siegmann, addresses  key TRIDENT JET participants during Battle Staff training on Nov.23. Photo by Cynthia Vernat, HQ AIRCOM Public Affairs.
 What’s the innovation behind TRIDENT JET?  The exercise will serve as the Alliance’s first vignette based, Command Group driven, senior leader focused Joint Headquarters assessment.  The unique event will involve approximately 70 key personnel directly supported by other NATO organizations and commands.
“Through different scenarios presented during the week, TRIDENT JET will amply train and assess AIRCOM staffs by emphasizing joint dialogue and enabling enhanced understanding of NATO processes,” said Wing Commander Carl Jeffery, a member of the Joint Action Management team for the exercise.
TRIDENT JET serves as the capstone event to a series of traditional exercises and comprehensive planning processes already undertaken by AIRCOM earlier in the year.  The novel approach will fully exercise the Joint Headquarters certification processes and battle staffs across the full-spectrum of SJO crises.
 The audience listens as Wing Commander Carl Jeffrey (behind podium) give a situation briefing to the participants of TRIDENT JET during the rehearsal session on Dec. 1. Photo by Cynthia Vernat, HQ AIRCOM Public Affairs.

“This new approach adds a senior leader element to the exercise program that will serve as a cornerstone—and perhaps blueprint—for future NATO exercises,” General Gorenc added.

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