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First monitoring report on legal protection of children in Europe from sexual abuse


The report has been prepared by the Lanzarote Committee bringing together all states that ratified the Council of Europe’s Convention on Protection of Children against Sexual Exploitation and Sexual Abuse (Lanzarote Convention). It is based on the data provided by the national authorities and NGOs.
This report presents an overview of the trends based on the comparative analysis of the situation in the 26 states – parties to the Convention, highlights promising practices, pinpoints the shortcomings identified and recommends steps to improve the situation.
The report  will be presented at a press conference at 11 a.m. on Monday 7 December at the Palais de l’Europe (room 11)

Contact: Tatiana Baeva, tel. +33 685 11 64 93

Conference on Building a culture of prevention through disaster risk awareness improvement among children and adolescents


The European and Mediterranean Major Hazards Agreement (EUR-OPA) together with the Bulgarian Ministry of Interior will organise, under the Bulgarian chairmanship of the Committee of Ministers, an international conference on Building a Culture of Prevention through Disaster Risk Awareness Improvement among Children and Adolescents. The objective of the conference is to bring together European experts and practitioners to assess the progress in this field. The Conference will thus serve as a preparatory step of the implementation of the awareness-raising components of the Medium Term Plan 2016-2020 of the EUR-OPA.

Draft Agenda – Contact: Giuseppe Zaffuto, tel. +33 3 90 21 56 04

Congress: Meeting of the Bureau and of the chambers


In the framework of the Bulgarian chairmanship of the Committee of Ministers, the Congress of Local and Regional Authoritieswas invited to hold his next Bureau meeting in Sofia. Among the items on the agenda are: the situation in Ukraine, Congress priorities (2017-2020) as well as an emergency debate whose subject will be decided at the opening of the meeting.
A press conference will take place at 10.15 a.m. on 11 December at the Radisson Blu Grand Hotel.

Contact: Can Fisek, tel. +33 3 88 41 30 41



The PACEPolitical Affairs Committee will hold an exchange of views on “Foreign fighters in Syria”, with the EU Counter-Terrorism Coordinator, Gilles de Kerchove and is due to adopt the report by Dirk Van der Maelen on this issue. The committee members will also consider the request for partner for democracy status with PACE by the Parliament of Jordan, and are due to adopt the report by Josette Durrieu on this subject. The agenda also includes the adoption of a report on “The situation in Kosovo* and the role of the Council of Europe” and a discussion on the political consequences of the crisis in Ukraine.
Draft agenda – Contact: Andrew Cutting, tel. +32 485 21 72 02
*All references to Kosovo, whether to the territory, institutions or population, in this text shall be understood in full compliance with United Nations Security Council Resolution 1244 and without prejudice to the status of Kosovo.


A delegation of the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities, led by the rapporteurs Artur Torres-Pereira et Leen Verbeek, will carry out a monitoring visit in the cities of Bratislava, Nitra and Dunajská Streda.


The Commissioner for Human Rights Nils Muižnieks will visit Cyprus and review the human rights situation of immigrants, asylum seekers and refugees as well as the impact of the economic crisis on human rights.


The European Court of Human Rights will notify in writing 15 judgments concerning Lithuania, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia and Switzerland.
More informationECHR website, tel. +33 3 90 21 42 08


The PACECommittee on Legal Affairs and Human Rights is due to adopt reports on “Strengthening the protection and role of human rights defenders in Council of Europe member States” and on “How to prevent inappropriate restrictions on NGO activities in Europe”.
Draft agenda


The Support Team of the Secretary General on Roma issues will participate in the European Commission conference “Cooperating to integrate most deprived people at the local level”. The team that manages the European Commission-Council of Europe Joint Programme ROMACT will present activities carried out in six countries assisting local authorities to achieve social inclusion of Roma communities. The conference also provides a platform for new activities to improve Roma integration at a local level.
Contact: Panos Kakaviatos, tel. +33 3 90 21 50 27


PACE President Anne Brasseur will make an official visit to Morocco. Meetings are planned with, in particular, the Speakers of the Chamber of Representatives and the Chamber of Councillors, the Head of Government, the Minister of the Interior and the Minister for Foreign Affairs and Co-operation.


The Ministers’ Deputies, representatives of the 47 member states of the Council of Europe, will examine the implementation of judgments and decisions of the European Court of Human Rights. The cases proposed for more detailed examination concern Albania, Azerbaijan, Belgium, France, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Lithuania, the Republic of Moldova, Poland, the Russian Federation, Serbia, “the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia”, Turkey, Ukraine and the United Kingdom. The list of cases is available on the website of the Department for the execution of the judgments of the ECHR.
Contact: Can Fisek, tel. + 33 3 88 41 30 41


Plenary session of the Council of Europe’s anti-racism commission (ECRI).


The European Court of Human Rights will hold a Grand Chamber hearing in the case of Paradiso and Campanelli v. Italy (9.15 a.m.).
The case concerns the placement in social-service care of a nine-month-old child who had been born in Russia following a gestational surrogacy contract entered into by a couple; it subsequently transpired that the couple had no biological relationship with the child.
More informationECHR website, tel. +33 3 90 21 42 08

9 December, Paris

The PACE Monitoring Committee will hold exchanges of views on: the constitutional referendum in Armenia (6 December), the parliamentary elections in Azerbaijan (1 November) and on recent developments in the Republic of Moldova. The committee members will also consider an information note by the co-rapporteurs for the monitoring of Georgia, Boriss Cilevičs and Kerstin Lundgren, following their fact-finding visit to Tbilisi (12-14 October 2015).
Draft agenda


The Council of Europe will host the final event of the Tour de France de la Diversité 2015, as part of its intercultural cities programme. Council of Europe initiatives for diversity and inclusion in cities, in partnership with private companies, will be presented. This final event will also be the occasion to deliver a common message: all signatories of the Diversity Charter have a role to play to reduce inequalities in employment and contribute to the economic development.
More information


The Support team of the Special Representative of the Secretary General on Roma issues will present its website on teaching remembrance of the Roma genocide and an overview of  activities of the Dosta! Campaign at a Human Rights Day event organised by the Government Office for Human Rights and Rights of National Minorities of Croatia. Some 150 participants, representatives of the state and local authorities, national and international organisations, civil society, Roma NGOs and national minority Roma councils are to take part.
Contact: Panos Kakaviatos, tel. +33 3 90 21 50 27


The European Court of Human Rights will notify in writing 79 judgments and/or decisions concerning Albania, Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Czech Republic, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, “the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia”, Turkey and Ukraine,
More informationECHR website, tel. +33 3 90 21 42 08


The PACE Committee on Rules of Procedure, Immunities and Institutional Affairs will organise a hearing on parliamentary immunity – challenges to the scope of the privileges and immunities enjoyed by PACE members – with the participation of a member of the Venice Commission and Deputy Minister of Justice of the Republic of Moldova. It is also due to adopt a report on the introduction of sanctions against parliamentarians.
Draft agenda


A seminar organised by the PACE Committee on Rules of Procedure, Immunities and Institutional Affairs, and theParliamentary Project Support Division, will take place on the theme: “Funding of political parties and electoral campaigns: legislation and control mechanisms”. The main aim of this seminar is to raise awareness among MPs on avenues of consolidation of regulations on the funding of electoral campaigns and political parties.
Draft programme


An international Conference on how human rights institutions, equality bodies and ombudsman offices can better promote equality and social inclusion will bring together around 180 participants. They will discuss actions against stereotypes, HR education and national human rights action plans.
Contact: Paivi Suhonen, tel. +33 3 90 21 53 70


The Council of Europe’s drug policy experts, the Pompidou Group, will participate in a seminar on women, drugs and violence in Europe and the Mediterranean region. Members of the group will present findings from consultations in France, Italy, Portugal and Spain investigating the relationship between violence (experienced or perpetrated) and the use of psychoactive substances by women. Participants from 22 countries will assess to what extent such violence is taken into account when formulating risk reduction and addiction treatment systems. The seminar, hosted by the Department for Anti-Drug Policies of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers in Italy and organised in collaboration with Pompidou Group, will make recommendations to more effectively treat women affected by violence and addicted to psychoactive substances.

Contact: Panos Kakaviatos, tel. +33 3 90 21 50 2

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