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11.12.2015 (14:45)Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Armed Forces Vladimir Putin took part in the extended session of the Defence Ministry BoardRussian Minister of Defence General of the Army Sergei Shoigu gave a speech before the participants of the session.
11.12.2015 (11:21)Crews of Northern Fleet ASW helicopters practice searching the simulated enemy’s submarineNaval pilots also practiced route passing over a featureless terrain under the conditions of polar night, carried out aircrew cooperation missions and obtained allowance to pilot in rough weather.
11.12.2015 (10:32)Snipers undergo training at еру Russian military base in South OssetiaThe snipers are to pay special attention to practice engaging with an imitated enemy’s manpower as well as blocking supply and withdrawal routes. All these exercises will be conducted in isolated mountainous terrain.
11.12.2015 (09:42)Caspian Flotilla marines enhance their airborne skillsTwo 250-men strong air assault units have been involved in the airborne training. More than 60 marines are to make parachute jumps for the first time.
11.12.2015 (06:20)Eastern MD Ka-52 and Mi-8AMTSh crews carry out first joint training flights in new training yearDuring the training, the Ka-52 attack helicopters followed and provided fire support to Mi-8ATMSh assault helicopters, which were conducting an airlift delivery.
11.12.2015 (06:07)Eastern MD motorized rifle units perform first firing in new training year at Buryatia rangeMoreover, the units will practice the repulsion of imitated air attacks and attacks of sabotage-reconnaissance groups, as well as the conduction of engineer and NBC reconnaissance.
10.12.2015 (21:30)Deputy Defence Minister Anatoly Antonov held a meeting with the Director General Security Policy of the UK Ministry of Defence Peter WatkinsPeter Watkins confirmed intention of the British party to follow “code of behavior”, which had been agreed on by the Russian-American Memorandum on prevention of air incidents in the sky over the Syrian Arab Republic.
10.12.2015 (17:10)Pacific Fleet and Indian Navy ships engage naval targets and repel imitated air strikes in Bay of BengalThe Russian Pacific Fleet and Indian Navy ships have moved to the sea today for practicing the issues of the joint “INDRA NAVY-2015” exercise.
10.12.2015 (12:03)Fighter pilots of the Pacific Fleet naval aviation practice elements of air fight over KamchatkaAccording to the squadron’s commander Lieutenant Colonel Sergei Koderle, all crews are successful in proving their skill qualifications, coping with the tasks.
10.12.2015 (11:25)Snipers participate in training held at 3 Western MD rangesSnipers are to learn how to engage moving and maximum distanced targets, organize ambushes, conduct sniper duels, choose and camouflage firing positions in different terrain.
Source: Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation
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