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Libya – Participation by Harlem Désir, Minister of State for European Affairs, in the ministerial conference (Rome, December 13, 2015)

Harlem Désir, Minister of State for European Affairs, will participate, on December 13 in Rome, in the ministerial conference aimed at finding a political solution to the crisis in Libya.

He will convey a message of support to all those who are ready to sign the agreement prepared under the auspices of the United Nations and will reaffirm our support for the efforts of Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General Martin Kobler.

The Rome conference must call on the Libyan parties to adopt this agreement as swiftly as possible and to form a national unity government, as required by the situation and as expected by the majority of Libyans.


Syria – Opposition conference in Riyadh (December 9-10, 2015)

France pays tribute to the Syrian opposition conference, which has just concluded with the adoption of a common platform reaffirming the commitment to a united, free and democratic Syria that will respect the rights of all citizens, as well with the election of a committee tasked with appointing the opposition’s negotiators.

This is a major step in the process initiated on November 14 in Vienna aimed at finding a political solution to the Syrian conflict.

These efforts must continue. We must work toward launching credible negotiations between the opposition and the Syrian regime under the auspices of the UN, with a view toward initiating a transition in Syria. This will be one of the goals of the ministerial coordination meeting on Syria that the minister of foreign affairs and international development will chair on Monday at 6:00 pm in Paris.



France condemns the attacks on several military camps in Bujumbura during the night of December 10-11.

Once again we call on all the Burundian actors to refrain from violence and to choose the path of dialogue, the only way to end the crisis.

France also calls on the regional actors to urgently mobilize in support of dialogue, which the international community unanimously supports (UN Security Resolution 2248, communiqués by the African Union Peace and Security Council and the president of the African Union Commission.)



Source:  The Ministry of Foreign Affairs


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