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Western MD NBC formation finished training of actions in case of radiological, biological and chemical contamination

NBC formation of the Western MD located in the Kursk Region has held a training of actions in case of NBC contamination.

The activities involved servicemen and military hardware from other military units of the region.

The military personnel practiced arrangement of decontamination centres for military hardware and personnel arrived from contaminated areas.

The training involved over 1,000 service members and up to 300 items of military equipment and hardware including special vehicles RKhM-6, ARS and TMS-65.

Western MD servicemen learn to eliminate illegal armed groups with support of artillery and aviation

Today a demonstrative tactical exercise with reinforced battalion of the Western MD motorized rifle formation started at the Kirillovsky range (Vyborg Region).

In the course of the exercise, the servicemen practice blockage and elimination of illegal armed groups with support of artillery and army aviation helicopters.

The training activity is held within mobilization training of command personnel of the Western MD. Commanders of armies, divisions and military units of the Western MD watch the actions of motorized rifle, artillery and air units. This experience will be used during training of officers and sergeants of formations and military units.

During the combat firings, 152mm howitzers Msta-S will engage command centres, ammunition depots and mortar batteries of simulated enemy while MLRS Grad and Uragan will make barrage fire in the breaching directions of the enemy.

Fire control will be carried out with the use of UAVs Orlan-10 and Grusha.

Mi-24 and Mi-8 helicopters will engage retreating illegal armed groups with unguided rockets and cannons.

Signalmen of the Russian military base in Abkhazia master new equipment

Over 400 military signalmen of the Russian military base located in the Republic of Abkhazia started mastering new-generation equipment at the ranges of Tsabal and Nagvalou.

Servicemen learn to operate new radio relay stations R-419L1, portable fifth-generation satellite communication stations Belozer, command-and-staff vehicles on BTR-80 chassis.

The signalmen will learn to deploy a field mobile command and communication centre, establish connection on different frequencies, arrange a videoconference and ensure electronic data transfer.

Newest hydrographical vessel put into service of the Leningrad naval base

Major hydrographical motorboat (project 19920) is put into the service of the Leningrad naval base. It was built by Vympel shipyard (Rybinsk, Yaroslavl region). This is the third such vessel in the Russian Navy and the first in the Baltic Fleet.

Major hydrographical motorboat is designed for performing special tasks near coastal area of the Baltic Sea, providing maintenance service of navigational equipment, and delivering personnel and cargos to unequipped shore of islands located in the Gulf of Finland – Bolshoy Tyuters, Sommers and others.

Its displacement is 320 tons, operational range – 1,500 nautical miles, sea endurance – 10 days.  The vessel is fitted with modern Russian navigational and hydrographical equipment.

Southern MD motorized rifle units imrove their skills at the Alpiysky range

Units of the motorized rifle brigade located in Chechnya started performing combat firing at the Alpiysky range.

Almost 50% firings are to be held at nighttime.

The servicemen will use different modifications of 1PN93 modern sights for conducting firing at night.

Experience, which is gained during training, will allow the servicemen to perform combat tasks in mountainous terrain in future.

Russian Deputy Defence Minister Anatoly Antonov held a protocol meeting with Chief of political department of the Federal Ministry of Defence of Germany Geza Andreas von Geyr

On December 16, 2015, Russian Deputy Defence Minister Anatoly Antonov held a protocol meeting with Chief of political department of the Federal Ministry of Defence of Germany Géza Andreas von Geyr, who had arrived in Moscow for consultations on problems of international security and Russian-German cooperation in the military field.

During the meeting, the emphasis was put on the necessity of coordination of parties’ efforts against international terrorism.

Russian Deputy Defence Minister Anatoly Antonov invited Géza Andreas von Geyr to take part in the V International Conference on International Security and the International forum Army-2016.


Source: Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation


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