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Photo: Chief of the Main Operational Directorate of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces told about the results of operation held by Russian Aerospace Forces in Syria
26.12.2015 (06:52)Su-35 fighters put on combat duty in the Khabarovsk KraiSu-35S combat aircraft will replace Su-27SM fighters.
26.12.2015 (06:41)Fighter aviation of the Primorsky Krai received modernized aircraftIn the course of 2016, it is planned to replace all the Su-27SM and MiG-31 warplanes with new aircraft.
25.12.2015 (12:45)
Chief of the Main Operational Directorate of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces told about the results of operation held by Russian Aerospace Forces in SyriaSince September 30, the Russian air group in Syria has performed 5240 combat sorties including 145 ones of the strategic missile-carrying and long-range bomber aviation.
25.12.2015 (07:30)Su-35 aircraft from the Eastern MD air regiment accomplished flight missions in the Sakhalin regionFlights of the fighter aviation have been performed according to the Combat training plan of the Eastern MD flight personnel.
25.12.2015 (06:01)Flag raising ceremony to take place on newest rescue vessel Igor BelousovRepresentatives of the Russian Navy Main Command, Joint Shipbuilding Corporation and leadership of the Admiralteiskiye Verphi shipbuilding company will take part in the ceremony of St. Andrew’s flag raising.
24.12.2015 (14:10)Reconnaissance men from the Russian military base in Armenia learn to act in extreme conditionsServicemen practice different methods of reconnaissance at the altitude of 1,5-2 thousand metres above sea level and under the temperature conditions of -5 – -25 degrees Celsius at the high-mountain range Kamkhud.
24.12.2015 (12:53)Chiefs of Russian and French General Staffs discussed the situation in SyriaGeneral of the Army Valery Gerasimov and Army General Pierre de Villiers agreed to exchange operational information for effective engagement of ISIS infrastructures in Syria.
24.12.2015 (12:07)In 2015, military sportsmen won over 3000 medals of different valuesSportsmen of the CSKA have been awarded 1314 gold, 966 silver and 812 bronze medals becoming European and World Champions 127 times.
24.12.2015 (10:03)Servicemen of the Southern MD motorized rifle formation carry out combat firing at a range in ChechnyaOver 100 different stationary and moving targets as well as modern complexes and equipment were used to create real combat conditions.
24.12.2015 (06:48)Eastern MD NBC units eliminated chemical contamination in the Amur RegionThe activities involved over 150 servicemen and about 30 pieces of military equipment.
23.12.2015 (19:00)Russian Defence Ministry commented on briefing of Amnesty International and summed up results of operation carried out by the Russian Aerospace Forces in Syria on December 18-23In the course of five days, on December 18-23, aircraft of the Aerospace Forces in the Syrian Arab Republic have performed 302 combat sorties engaging 1093 objects.
23.12.2015 (17:36)Chiefs of Russian and French General Staffs had a meeting in MoscowIn the course of the meeting, General of the Army Valery Gerasimov and Army General Pierre de Villiers discussed issues concerning cooperation in fighting against international terrorism.
23.12.2015 (15:49)Session of the Council of CIS Defence Ministers headed by Minister of Defence of the Russian Federation General of the Army Sergei Shoigu was held in MoscowIn the course of the session, participants have discussed upon more than 20 different issues concerning interaction of the CIS Defence Ministries.
23.12.2015 (15:27)Ministers of Defence of Russia and Kazakhstan summed up the main results of military cooperation in 2015General of the Army Sergei Shoigu called ratification of agreement on transition and further exploitation of the Kazakh centre Balkhash within the Russian Missile Attack Warning System an important result of the Russian-Kazakh cooperation.
23.12.2015 (15:02)Heads of the Russian and Tajikistani military departments noted aggravation of situation on the Afghan directionGeneral of the Army Sergei Shoigu and Lieutenant-General Sherali Mirzo underlined the importance of strengthening cooperation relationships in the military field while facing new challenges and threats.
23.12.2015 (14:55)Russian Defence Minister met Chief of the Kyrgyz General StaffIn the course of the talks, General of the Army Sergei Shoigu claimed that Russia made every effort for implementation of re-equipment of the Kyrgyz Armed Forces in order to ensure their capability to resist threats coming from the Afghan direction.
23.12.2015 (14:23)Russian Defence Minister General of the Army Sergei Shoigu held a meeting with the Armenian Minister of Defence Seyran OhanyanDuring the meeting, the parties were discussing upon the issues concerning plans for 2016 and implementation of cooperation programme in 2015.
23.12.2015 (12:05)Long-range aviation of the Russian Aerospace Forces celebrates its 101st anniversaryThis year, crews of the Long-range aviation have been performing flights every month according to the plan of combat patrol in different areas of the world including the water zones of the Pacific, North and Atlantic Ocean.
23.12.2015 (09:42)Eastern MD missile formation held first training on modern Iskander-MThe training was held in conditions that close resemble the real combat. Crews of missile systems gained practical skills in operating combat hardware. They were highly assessed by the leadership.
23.12.2015 (08:25)Eastern MD aviation squadron received four new Mi-8AMTSh helicoptersIn future they will be involved in performing training flights and tasks day and night.
23.12.2015 (00:00)69th session of the CIS Council of Defence Ministers to take place in MoscowIn the course of the session, over 20 issues in different areas of cooperation will be considered.
22.12.2015 (17:39)Western MD snipers are training for the “Golden Owl” contestCompetitions will take place in the course of the International Army Games. It is necessary to define the best snipers for participation in the district stage of the contest.
22.12.2015 (17:08)More than 1,500 grenade launcher operators of the Western MD started performing combat firingThe firing training takes place at three ranges located in Central and Northwestern regions of Russia. The servicemen will fire more than 20,000 munitions.
22.12.2015 (16:53)Modernized ASW aircraft IL-38N to be tested at a Western MD airbaseThe aircraft has a combat payload of 5 tons, including anti-ship and antisubmarine weaponry: guided cruise missiles and ASW torpedoes as well as depth bombs.
22.12.2015 (16:17)Western MD combat crews of Iskander-M missile complexes master stealth movement to launching positionsThe trainings are held with the use of UAVs, which imitate reconnaissance means of simulated enemy.
Source: Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation
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