U.S Department of Defense : 2015 Year in Review

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This special report highlights some of the Defense Department’s most critical issues. While the department intensified its fight against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, Defense Secretary Ash Carter, who took office in February, launched initiatives to build the force of the future, seek breakthrough technologies and open opportunities for women. The department also continued missions in the Asia-Pacific region, Eastern Europe and Afghanistan, and emerged from budget uncertainty with a multiyear deal. 

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    The Fight Against ISIL

  • 2

    Force of the Future

  • 3

    Asia-Pacific Rebalance

  • 4

    Multiyear Budget Deal

  • 5

    European Security

  • 6

    Tech Outreach

  • 7

    Afghanistan Mission

  • 8

    Women in Service

  • 9

    Welcoming New Chiefs

  • 10

    DoD Disaster Response

Source: U.S Department of Defense


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