Year in review 2015: INTERPOL

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24 December 2015

INTERPOL is the world’s largest international police organization, with 190 member countries.

INTERPOL is the world’s largest international police organization, with 190 member countries. Our role is to enable police around the world to work together to make the world a safer place. Our high-tech infrastructure of technical and operational support helps meet the growing challenges of fighting crime in the 21st century.

Elephant ivory and rhino horn trafficking targeted across Africa in Operation Worthy

Police cooperation focus of Ecuador Minister of Interior visit to INTERPOL

Falsified and illicit medicines worth USD 7 million seized across Asia in INTERPOL-led operation

More than 500 arrested in INTERPOL operation targeting phone and email scams


22 December 2015

Elephant ivory and rhino horn trafficking targeted across Africa in Operation Worthy II


21 December 2015

New strategy to combat tiger crime welcomed by INTERPOL


21 December 2015

Falsified and illicit medicines worth USD 7 million seized across Asia in INTERPOL-led operation


21 December 2015

Police cooperation focus of Ecuador Minister of Interior visit to INTERPOL


18 December 2015

INTERPOL conference on strengthening law enforcement capacity in the Americas


18 December 2015

INTERPOL backs International Migrants Day


17 December 2015

More than 500 arrested in INTERPOL operation targeting phone and email scams


17 December 2015

Strengthening border security in ASEAN countries through specialist skills


16 December 2015

Protecting Cultural Heritage exhibition, United Nations headquarters


15 December 2015

Illicit online sale of medicines focus of INTERPOL training in Myanmar


15 December 2015

Online child sex abuser forums targeted in INTERPOL-coordinated operation


11 December 2015

INTERPOL counter-terrorism training strengthens impact of UNSC sanctions in Southeast Asia


11 December 2015

Combating terrorism focus of meeting between Australian Foreign Minister and INTERPOL Chief


10 December 2015

INTERPOL team assists Philippines in securing APEC summit under EU-ASEAN programme


09 December 2015

INTERPOL supports International Anti-Corruption Day


04 December 2015

INTERPOL supports global operation against Dorkbot botnet


03 December 2015

INTERPOL training on detecting fake documents aims to enhance border security


03 December 2015

INTERPOL hosts second meeting of global experts group on sports legislation


03 December 2015

International security focus of INTERPOL Chief’s visit to Tunisia


02 December 2015

INTERPOL training focused on port security in the Philippines


01 December 2015

INTERPOL cyber experts meeting aims to advise on global strategy


01 December 2015

International operation against illicit online trade supported by INTERPOL


01 December 2015

INTERPOL holds environmental security seminar in Colombia


27 November 2015

Austrian Interior Minister and INTERPOL Chief meet on international security cooperation


26 November 2015

Works of art stolen in Verona, Italy


26 November 2015

INTERPOL operations target illegal timber trade in Africa and the Americas


25 November 2015

Experts gather at INTERPOL to identify emerging social engineering fraud techniques


23 November 2015

Tackling wildlife crime focus of INTERPOL meeting


20 November 2015

INTERPOL regional training in Cambodia aims to build ASEAN capacity against terrorism


20 November 2015

INTERPOL meeting aims to develop strategy to curb tiger crime


20 November 2015

EU ministers call for access to INTERPOL’s databases at border points


19 November 2015

Major sports events security focus of INTERPOL meeting with NCS4


18 November 2015

Rescuing online child sexual abuse victims spotlighted at INTERPOL meeting


18 November 2015

Indian prime minister and INTERPOL Chief discuss cooperation


18 November 2015

Global asset recovery cooperation focus of INTERPOL-StAR conference


18 November 2015

INTERPOL meeting targets Foreign Terrorist Fighter networks and travel routes


17 November 2015

Roadmap for environmental security created by INTERPOL-UNEP conference


16 November 2015

INTERPOL and IFAW reinforce cooperation in combating wildlife crime


16 November 2015

INTERPOL-UNEP conference to tackle most pressing environmental crime issues


16 November 2015

INTERPOL backs #WePROTECT summit call for model national response in combating child abuse


14 November 2015

INTERPOL Chief strongly condemns Paris terror massacre


13 November 2015

ABC interview: INTERPOL outlines environmental crime challenges facing law enforcement


13 November 2015

Cross-border collaboration on biological incident investigations focus of INTERPOL workshop


12 November 2015

Security and Environmental Crime conference issues call for action


12 November 2015

Global security needs to align with today’s threats – INTERPOL Chief at migration summit


09 November 2015

INTERPOL supporting French investigation into athletics corruption


06 November 2015

More than 130 detained in global action tackling airline ticket fraud


06 November 2015

INTERPOL’s role in combating illegal fishing recognized


06 November 2015

Regional cooperation key to INTERPOL operation targeting terrorist movements


06 November 2015

INTERPOL at G7 Roma-Lyon Group meeting: global terrorism threat requires global approach


05 November 2015

New members elected to INTERPOL Executive Committee


05 November 2015

INTERPOL General Assembly approves blueprint for Organization’s future


04 November 2015

Rwandan programme to tackle gender-based violence spotlighted at INTERPOL General Assembly


04 November 2015

INTERPOL General Assembly endorses I-Checkit as innovative border management policing capability


03 November 2015

INTERPOL considers new tool to support asset recovery investigations


03 November 2015

US Attorney General highlights need for ‘rule of law’ in address to INTERPOL General Assembly


02 November 2015

INTERPOL Instructor Development Course for Maritime and Port Security officials held in Singapore


02 November 2015

World’s police chiefs to address global threats at INTERPOL General Assembly in Rwanda


27 October 2015

INTERPOL training to boost border security in West Africa


27 October 2015

Policing the land of a thousand hills


26 October 2015

Brazilian Federal Police Chief visit to INTERPOL identifies areas for enhanced cooperation


23 October 2015

Strategy to combat illegal wildlife trade in Central Asia marks International Snow Leopard Day


23 October 2015

INTERPOL course aims to boost efforts against chemical attacks


23 October 2015

Fighting pharmaceutical crime focus of INTERPOL training in Uganda


22 October 2015

Nuclear and radiological terrorism focus of INTERPOL exercise in Thailand


20 October 2015

Border security across Southeast Asia focus of new EU-ASEAN programme led by INTERPOL


19 October 2015

Peru gears up to protect sport’s integrity


16 October 2015

INTERPOL Chief tells Euronews ‘coordination is key’ in countering migrant smuggling networks


16 October 2015

INTERPOL-Europol forum outlines steps against people smuggling


15 October 2015

INTERPOL-Europol forum targets migrant smuggling networks


13 October 2015

Media invitation for 84th INTERPOL General Assembly in Rwanda


13 October 2015

INTERPOL-supported illegal fishing investigations lead to prosecution


09 October 2015

INTERPOL firearm symposium aims to combat gun crime


09 October 2015

China visit by INTERPOL Chief focuses on international police collaboration


08 October 2015

INTERPOL hosts first facial recognition symposium


08 October 2015

Operation targeting drug trafficking nets couriers in Latin America and Africa


06 October 2015

US task force report recognizes INTERPOL’s ‘crucial global tools’ in combating foreign terrorist fighter travel


02 October 2015

Cambodia hosts INTERPOL training against smuggling of chemicals


02 October 2015

Identifying fake documents focus of INTERPOL and Frontex workshop


01 October 2015

INTERPOL holds first meeting on pharmaceutical crime in Middle East


30 September 2015

INTERPOL training in Morocco aims to foster stability in North Africa and the Sahel


30 September 2015

Europol-INTERPOL cybercrime conference paves the way for proactive policing of cyberspace


30 September 2015

INTERPOL launches first national electronic police information system for West African countries


30 September 2015

Information sharing a defence against foreign terrorist fighters – INTERPOL Chief


27 September 2015

INTERPOL President addresses United Nations Sustainable Development Summit


27 September 2015

Global initiative launched to counter the destruction and trafficking of cultural property by terrorist and organized crime groups


25 September 2015

Addressing cybercrime challenges focus of INTERPOL working group meeting


23 September 2015

INTERPOL and FBI to forge closer ties against terrorism and cybercrime


23 September 2015

Global action against intellectual property crime focus of international conference


21 September 2015

Joint INTERPOL-IOC training sharpens investigation skills for competition manipulation allegations


21 September 2015

West African Police Information System launched by INTERPOL


21 September 2015

INTERPOL training in Senegal tackles corruption and financial crimes


21 September 2015

Singapore leads transnational ivory trafficking investigation


21 September 2015

South American operation targets crime networks behind fake goods


18 September 2015

Illicit medicine manufacturers shut down in INTERPOL operation against pharmaceutical crime


18 September 2015

Ethics review committee meets to develop guidelines on external funding for INTERPOL


17 September 2015

INTERPOL training aims to boost impact of UN Security Council Resolutions against terrorism in ASEAN region


17 September 2015

INTERPOL regional meeting in Turkey focuses on foreign terrorist fighters


16 September 2015

INTERPOL brings together experts to share best practice in combating ‘sextortion’


16 September 2015

INTERPOL Chief visits Colombia to boost regional police cooperation


15 September 2015

Strengthening regional and global security focus of INTERPOL Chief’s visit to Argentina


14 September 2015

INTERPOL forensics workshop in Singapore looks to boost region’s counter-terrorism investigations


11 September 2015

Enhancing forensic skills for maritime security focus of INTERPOL training in Singapore


11 September 2015

INTERPOL and Europol chiefs issue joint call for urgent action to target people smuggling networks


08 September 2015

Armenia receives INTERPOL DNA software to create national database


08 September 2015

Senior Chinese official and INTERPOL Chief meet on international police collaboration


04 September 2015

International Leaders’ Forum backs creation of Global Alliance to combat IED threat


03 September 2015

INTERPOL Chief addresses global security issues in ABC interview


02 September 2015

Tackling global threat of improvised explosive devices focus of international forum


01 September 2015

INTERPOL Chief and Australian Minister for Justice discuss security issues


31 August 2015

INTERPOL-coordinated EU project outlines roadmap against unregulated e-waste


25 August 2015

INTERPOL meeting in Singapore gathers fisheries investigators


21 August 2015

INTERPOL’s Project Leaf looks to boost efforts against forestry crime in Asia and East Africa


20 August 2015

INTERPOL cancels Red Notices in relation to Rafat Ali Rizvi and Hesham al-Warraq


19 August 2015

Transnational fisheries investigations focus of INTERPOL trainings in Southeast Asia


10 August 2015

INTERPOL supports Spanish operation against stolen vehicle trafficking


07 August 2015

INTERPOL hosts meetings on forestry and fisheries crime in Central and South America


06 August 2015

Corruption and financial crime focus of INTERPOL training in Botswana


04 August 2015

Illegal online gambling in Asia targeted in INTERPOL operation


04 August 2015

INTERPOL Chief offers continued support to ASEANAPOL to address regional and global security threats


31 July 2015

Strengthening West African border security focus of INTERPOL programme


31 July 2015

INTERPOL Darknet training shines light on underground criminal activities


30 July 2015

INTERPOL supports World Day against Trafficking in Persons


29 July 2015

On Global Tiger Day, INTERPOL commends member country efforts to protect the species


28 July 2015

New equipment boosts Royal Thai Police investigative capacity


28 July 2015

Elephant ivory and rhinoceros horn trafficking cases addressed at INTERPOL meeting


23 July 2015

Enhancing law enforcement response capability for disease outbreaks focus of INTERPOL workshop


23 July 2015

Incoming Finnish Police Commissioner visit to INTERPOL focuses on terrorism, cybercrime


21 July 2015

Media invitation for International Counter-Improvised Explosive Device Leaders’ Forum


16 July 2015

Increased information sharing to combat terrorism focus of German Interior Minister visit to INTERPOL


15 July 2015

INTERPOL Secretary General visits EU to enhance fight against migrant smuggling, terrorism


13 July 2015

Egyptian authorities seize guns, drugs and stolen art in operation targeting illicit goods


09 July 2015

Border security focus of visit to INTERPOL by Commander of the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee


08 July 2015

Belgian Deputy Prime Minister visit to INTERPOL focuses on terrorism and cybercrime


03 July 2015

Working group starts review of INTERPOL’s information processing mechanisms


02 July 2015

Forensic document examination focus of Balkans INTERPOL training


29 June 2015

Global action against online air ticket fraudsters sees 130 detained


26 June 2015

Identifying new and emerging terrorist threats in Asia-Pacific focus of INTERPOL programme


26 June 2015

INTERPOL Storm meeting looks to enhance investigative expertise in pharmaceutical crime


26 June 2015

INTERPOL offers full support following terror attacks in France, Tunisia, Kuwait and Somalia


26 June 2015

Police cooperation focus of visit by Gabon Minister of Interior to INTERPOL


25 June 2015

Official visit to INTERPOL by Frances Fitzgerald, Ireland’s Minister for Justice and Equality


25 June 2015

INTERPOL’s Turn Back Crime campaign wins award on World Anti-Counterfeiting Day


22 June 2015

Traffickers arrested in Côte d’Ivoire operation targeting child trafficking and forced labour


20 June 2015

Effective response to global security challenges focus of Norway visit by INTERPOL Chief


19 June 2015

Events in Jordan seek to boost environmental security in the region


18 June 2015

INTERPOL-coordinated operation strikes at organized crime with seizure of 20 million illicit medicines


17 June 2015

INTERPOL and IOC support national efforts against competition manipulation in Norway


12 June 2015

United States streamlines travel for foreign officials traveling on INTERPOL business


12 June 2015

INTERPOL suspends agreement with FIFA


10 June 2015

INTERPOL ‘Pink Panthers’ meeting brings together investigators to share information


10 June 2015

INTERPOL holds first expert group meeting on sports safety and security


05 June 2015

INTERPOL group to field test new ink dating protocols to aid fraud and forgery investigations


05 June 2015

INTERPOL operation against wildlife trafficking marks World Environment Day


04 June 2015

Combating corruption in the forestry sector focus of INTERPOL training in Malaysia


04 June 2015

International police cooperation focus of Belgium Foreign Minister’s visit to INTERPOL


03 June 2015

INTERPOL issues Red Notices for former FIFA officials and executives wanted by US authorities


03 June 2015

INTERPOL meeting in Spain encourages information sharing on foreign fighters


02 June 2015

UK initiative underlines role of due diligence in securing official documents


01 June 2015

International cooperation in combating cybercrime focus of conference


01 June 2015

Fakes worth USD 60 million seized in operations across Americas and Caribbean


29 May 2015

INTERPOL Chief says ‘unprecedented’ foreign terrorist fighter threat requires global action


27 May 2015

INTERPOL initiatives look to boost fight against pharmaceutical crime in Mauritania


25 May 2015

INTERPOL Chief at Qatar forum outlines complex illicit drugs landscape


22 May 2015

INTERPOL training in Ghana aims to strengthen regional police capacity in border management


22 May 2015

Enhancing international police cooperation focus of meeting between Chinese Vice-Minister and INTERPOL Chief


21 May 2015

INTERPOL holds first meeting for major events cybersecurity experts group


21 May 2015

INTERPOL Europe meeting develops regional collaboration against transnational crime


20 May 2015

Sudan police host INTERPOL National Environment Security Seminar


19 May 2015

INTERPOL meeting in Bucharest aims to set the course for European security


18 May 2015

Cooperation and effective data exchange focus of INTERPOL training in Vietnam


15 May 2015

Agreement with SMART Research to enhance INTERPOL forensic support to law enforcement


13 May 2015

New INTERPOL notice could provide global link in targeting criminal assets


11 May 2015

Boosting national efforts against match-fixing focus of INTERPOL-FIFA meeting in Canada


07 May 2015

Identifying biological threats to strengthen response capability focus of workshop


06 May 2015

Internationally wanted match-fixing suspect in Italian custody


05 May 2015

INTERPOL supports UK operation targeting criminal networks behind vehicle crime


05 May 2015

Global information sharing key to internal security: INTERPOL Chief


04 May 2015

INTERPOL issues global alert for potentially lethal illicit diet drug


30 April 2015

INTERPOL strengthens cooperation in combating corruption and money laundering in Latin America


29 April 2015

Addressing threat of agroterrorism focus of INTERPOL meeting


28 April 2015

INTERPOL Chief pledges continued support to protect cultural heritage


22 April 2015

INTERPOL tools to help identify organized crime networks behind illegal migration


21 April 2015

Media invitation for 43rd INTERPOL European Regional Conference in Romania


17 April 2015

INTERPOL Asia meeting sets its sights on enhancing regional security


16 April 2015

Cyber security requires coordination and innovation, INTERPOL President tells conference


15 April 2015

INTERPOL meeting of Asian police chiefs focuses on evolving crime threats


14 April 2015

Inaugural INTERPOL World forum focuses on innovation for global security


14 April 2015

Global efforts to identify child abuse victims via INTERPOL boosted with Microsoft technology


13 April 2015

International gathering marks inauguration of INTERPOL Global Complex for Innovation


13 April 2015

INTERPOL coordinates global operation to take down Simda botnet


10 April 2015

INTERPOL border security operation targets criminals traveling in Southeast Asia


09 April 2015

Operation targeting chemical smuggling in Asia nets hijacked ship


08 April 2015

INTERPOL meeting supports fight against drug trafficking across Africa


01 April 2015

Protecting cultural heritage requires a global response, says INTERPOL Chief


26 March 2015

INTERPOL cyber research identifies malware threat to virtual currencies


25 March 2015

INTERPOL deploys team to support investigation into Germanwings plane crash


24 March 2015

Enhancing cooperation in combating organized crime and terrorism focus of INTERPOL meeting


20 March 2015

Media invitation to 22nd INTERPOL Asian Regional Conference in Singapore


19 March 2015

INTERPOL hosts global music industry anti-piracy conference


17 March 2015

INTERPOL Chief at Europol launch of Joint Operational Team against irregular migration


17 March 2015

INTERPOL supporting UK appeal for Britain’s most wanted fugitives


16 March 2015

INTERPOL continues constructive dialogue with Fair Trials International


13 March 2015

US Congressional visit to INTERPOL focuses on combating terrorism


11 March 2015

INTERPOL Chief meets with Foundation President


11 March 2015

International meeting at INTERPOL aims to better protect cultural heritage


10 March 2015

Jordan hosts bioterrorism preparedness table top exercise


03 March 2015

INTERPOL encourages global action on World Wildlife Day


23 February 2015

Zambia hosts INTERPOL training session against wildlife crime


23 February 2015

Namibian President launches national INTERPOL Turn Back Crime campaign


20 February 2015

Togo police arrest suspected child rapist accused of kidnapping two girls from Benin


19 February 2015

Information sharing is a ‘tripwire’ against foreign terrorist fighters – INTERPOL Chief


16 February 2015

Nepal’s top wildlife criminal nabbed in Malaysia


16 February 2015

Record seizures of fake food and drink in INTERPOL-Europol operation


12 February 2015

Uniting West African efforts to tackle illegal timber trade focus of INTERPOL workshop


10 February 2015

Safer Internet Day backed by INTERPOL


03 February 2015

Brunei hosts INTERPOL counter-terrorism course for Asean countries


02 February 2015

INTERPOL Basic Training on Maritime Security held in Malaysia


30 January 2015

Estonia hosts INTERPOL workshop on anti-corruption and financial crimes


30 January 2015

Secretary General visits INTERPOL National Central Bureau in Latvia


30 January 2015

Costa Rica police capacity boosted with new INTERPOL technology


29 January 2015

Foreign fighter threat to Europe requires global response says INTERPOL Chief


22 January 2015

INTERPOL Chief on CNN: information sharing crucial against global terror threat


15 January 2015

New Zealand requests INTERPOL Purple Notices to identify networks behind illegal fishing


12 January 2015

INTERPOL issues Red Notices for former Ukrainian leaders


07 January 2015

INTERPOL Chief strongly condemns terror attack on magazine offices in Paris



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