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Colonel Lee Yun-suk, commanding officer of 16th Dongmyeong unit,
named an honorary citizen of Tyre, Lebanon, a first in UNIFIL history
The Lebanon Peacekeeping Forces (hereinafter Dongmyeong unit), which has been serving as a member of UNIFIL (United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon) and performing work that has improved Korea’s national image and demonstrated the Korean Army’s superiority, has reached another proud milestone.
Dongmyeong unit held a change of command ceremony to mark the transition from the 11th commander of the Lebanon Peacekeeping Forces to the 12th at their post in Tyre, southern Lebanon.
The ceremony was organized by Brigadier General Franco Federici, Western brigade commander of the UNIFIL, and was attended by approximately 300 people including the southern commander of the Lebanese Army Sharbel Abu Khalil, the mayor of united Tyre, relevant members of the UNIFIL, local residents and soldiers of the 16th and 17th Dongmyeong units.
At the ceremony, Colonel Lee Yun-suk, commanding officer of 16th Dongmyeong unit, who led the 11th PKO mission in Lebanon, received an honorary citizenship of united Tyre city for his distinguished services in the name of peacekeeping and the development of the region.
Located at the center of southern Lebanon, Tyre is a united city consisting of 57 cities. This ceremony marked the first time the united city has named an honorary citizen of Tyre since the foundation of UNIFIL in 1978.
Mayor Abdul Mohssen Husseini, who conferred the honorary citizenship, said, “Dongmyeong unit has been sincerely devoted to developing the city of Tyre and improving the quality of life for the locals for the last eight years. To Tyre, the unit is not just a UN Peacekeeping Force, but residents and family.”
In response, commanding officer Lee answered, “The successful completion of our mission and the safe return to home of the soldiers of the 16th unit was possible thanks to the full support that the local residents showed to us. This honorary citizenship is the crystallization of all of our soldiers’ efforts, from the 1st unit to now, and I’m sincerely honored to be receiving this honorary citizenship, as their representative.”
The 17th Dongmyeong unit, which officially took the place of the 16th unit on this very day, will develop civil-military operations, including work to block the flow of illegal weapons, suppress armed forces and provide medical support.
Colonel Kim Sang-sik, commanding officer of the 17th Dongmyeong unit and 12th commander of the Lebanon Peacekeeping Forces, who took over the commanding right, said, “We will focus our entire efforts to carry on and to develop the glorious honor and tradition of Dongmyeong unit, the longest overseas-dispatched unit of the Korean Forces in the UN’s PKO history. Based on our efforts, we will protect peace and stability in the southern part of Lebanon.”
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Source:Ministry of National Defense Republic of Korea


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