First Lady Michelle Obama:On Tuesday, my husband will deliver his seventh and final State of the Union address.

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The White House, Washington

On Tuesday, my husband will deliver his seventh and final State of the Union address.

He’ll be talking about making things better for you and your family right now — and he’ll also be sharing his vision for how, together we can make this country a better place for the next generation, and generations to come.

That’s been his mission since the day he took office, and he’ll be doing everything he can with every minute he has left as President to deliver on behalf of the American people.

This speech is for you, and we want to know you’ll be there watching.

Say you’ll join me and millions of other Americans on Tuesday to watch the State of the Union.

Each year, I have the honor of attending this address with a few of the many Americans who have inspired Barack — and this year is no exception.

Braeden Mannering, after attending the White House Kids’ “State Dinner,” started his own nonprofit to provide healthy food to homeless and low-income individuals in his community. Formerly homeless Navy veteran Cindy Dias works with Veterans Village, a non-profit that has answered our Joining Forces call to End Veterans’ Homelessness in Las Vegas.

Oscar Vasquez, an immigrant from Mexico, fought for the right to become an American citizen so that he could fulfill his dream of joining the U.S. Army. Refaai Hamo, a scientist and cancer survivor, fled Syria with his family hoping to “make a lasting contribution to humanity.”

You can see all the inspiring people who will be joining me. Read their stories and watch them receive their invitations.

Watch the guests get invited to the State of the Union

That kind of passion and perseverance are at the heart of this great country. And while we have made so much progress, there’s so much more left to do to ensure all Americans have the opportunities they deserve to get ahead. That’s what my husband will be talking about on Tuesday. So let us know you’ll be watching.

RSVP here on Facebook and then check out on Tuesday at 9 p.m. ET to watch the President’s final address to the nation.

Thanks so much,

First Lady Michelle Obama


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