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Masters of reconnaissance to be defined in the Zabaykalsky Krai under the conditions of the Siberian frosts

The first stage of the “Masters of reconnaissance” has started at the training complex of the Eastern MD motorized rifle formation located in the Zabaykalsky Krai.

In the course of 5 days, reconnaissance men will compete in different disciplines of professional training. The strongest will be defined after air landing from Mi-8AMTSh, overcoming of a 5-kilometre distance, firings, driving of infantry fighting vehicles as well as arrangement of ambushes.

Another challenge for the servicemen is the Siberian frost, which reaches -30 – -40 degrees Celsius.

13.01.2016 (15:51)Russian Defence Minister took part in the opening ceremon of the “Partisan village” in the “Patriot” parkRussian Minister of Defence and participants of the Great Patriotic War took part in the installation of the foundation stone of an orthodox chapel in the “Patriot” park in the memory to the fallen soldiers.
13.01.2016 (14:33)Units from the Russian military base in South Ossetia departed at rangesDuring the field training, over 2,000 servicemen are honing their skills in firing small arms and usage of modern military hardware – T-72BM, BMP-2 and BMP-3 IFVs, self-propelled howitzers Akatsiya and Gvozdika.
13.01.2016 (11:18)Crews of the Southern MD separate helicopter regiment started performing training flightsThe pilots are performing tasks on elimination stationary and moving surface targets using guns and unguided rockets at the aviation range.
13.01.2016 (10:27)Northern Fleet held the first training in 2016 on counteracting underwater sabotage groupsMilitary divers and servicemen of the units on nuclear submarine base security were involved in the training.
13.01.2016 (09:10)“Russian knights” to participate in the international air show in BahrainThe aces will show their renewed programme on six heavy fighters Su-27 for the first time.
13.01.2016 (08:03)Russian airborne to involve more than 2,000 paratroopers in landing operationServicemen will be performing parachute jumping in Pskov, Ulyanovsk, Ryazan and Kostroma regions.
13.01.2016 (06:00)Masters of reconnaissance to be defined in the Zabaykalsky Krai under the conditions of the Siberian frostsIn the course of 5 days, reconnaissance men will compete in different disciplines.
12.01.2016 (13:55)Southern MD motorized rifle formation getting trained for the International Army Games – 2016The servicemen are to compete in “Tank biathlon”, “Suvorov onslaught”, “Masters of reconnaissance”, and “Masters of artillery fire”.
12.01.2016 (13:28)Motorized rifle units of the Russian military base in Armenia moved to mountainous rangesThey will be mastering advanced reconnaissance, control and communication systems.
12.01.2016 (12:30)Defence Minister General of the Army Sergei Shoigu held a teleconference with the command personnel of the Armed ForcesThe priorities for 2016 within the Activities plan of the Russian Defence Ministry until 2020 has become the main subject of the agenda.
12.01.2016 (12:19)Advanced Iskander-M tactical complexes are mastered in the Southern MD missile brigadeCrews are practicing algorithms of deployment of missile systems and electronic launches against targets at distances of up to 500 km.
12.01.2016 (11:18)Commander of the Pacific Fleet to inspect combat readiness of troops and forces located on KamchatkaIn the course of the inspection, the servicemen will meet more than a hundred of tactic qualification standards.
12.01.2016 (10:44)Major ASW ship Vice Admiral Kulakov celebrated its anniversary in the Mediterranean SeaIn the recent years the ship is one of the most highly-demanded one at the Northern Fleet. Its potential allows it to perform all the assigned tasks of long-range cruises.
12.01.2016 (10:01)Russian airborne delegation arrived in IndiaRepresentatives of the Russian Airborne Troops are to take part in the 3rd planning conference on preparation of the joint peacekeeping exercise on humanitarian mine clearance, which is to take place in this March on the territory of India.
12.01.2016 (06:58)First batch of the newest fighters Su-35S to reinforce the Eastern MD air regiment in the Primorsky KraiToday the maintenance personnel are preparing the new aircraft for a flight to Primorsky Krai from Komsomolsk-on-Amur.
11.01.2016 (16:35)In the course of 10 days of the year 2016, the Russian aircraft have performed 311 combat sorties engaging 1097 objects in the Syrian Arab RepublicAs a result of air strikes made by the aircraft of the Aerospace Forces, terrorist groupings are suffering significant losses in hardware and manpower.
11.01.2016 (12:37)Servicemen master modern unmanned aerial vehicles Takhion at the Russian military base in ArmeniaUAVs can be used for the purposes of army reconnaissance day and night at distances of up to 40 km even in bad weather conditions with wind speed of 15 meters per second.
11.01.2016 (12:02)Pacific Fleet division of surface warships celebrated its 64th anniversaryIn the recent years, the division’s combat training tasks in different areas of the World Ocean, in particular, in the Mediterranean Sea and the Gulf of Aden, have been palying an important role in its daily activities.
11.01.2016 (10:55)Southern MD tank crews practice tank biathlon elements at a range in the Krasnodar KraiIn the course of the training, crews of T-90A overcome different obstacles engaging targets, which imitate helicopters and armoured vehicles of simulated enemy at a distance of 900-2200 m.
10.01.2016 (08:00)Russian Navy intensifies training of commanders of ships with deck-based aviation onboardAccording to the Chief of the Navy Aviation, Hero of Russia, Major General Igor Kozhin, that is connected with acceptance of new warships capable of carrying aircraft of different purpose.
09.01.2016 (12:46)Guards missile cruiser Moskva returned from the Mediterranean Sea to SevastopolThe ship performed air defence tasks for the Hmeymim airbase in the Syrian Arab Republic.
09.01.2016 (08:02)Military-transport aviation Command became the best in the Aerospace ForcesIn 2015, the flight personnel of the military-transport aviation took part in all unannounced combat readiness inspections of the Military Districts, the strategic command-and-staff exercise Center-2015, exercises among formations and units of the Aerospace Forces.
08.01.2016 (14:00)Northern Fleet to be rearmed and renewed with modern samples in 2016In particular, the Fleet is to receive S-400 Triumph, Pantsyr-S, Bastion systems and Admiral of the Fleet Gorshkov frigate.
08.01.2016 (13:00)Russian Aerospace Forces performed about 100 special space control tasksThe specialists paid special attention to staffing and conditions of orbital groupings of the foreign space systems.
06.01.2016 (16:00)Caspian Flotilla held joint exercise of ships and OTH radarIn the course of the exercise, servicemen practiced detecting aerial and surface targets with transferring data to the ships in order to engage targets with missile and artillery weapons.
Source: Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation
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