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Unique military-purpose developments to be demonstrated at the Military-scientific conference on robotic technologies

On February 10, participants of the first Military-scientific conference devoted to robotic application in the Russian Armed Forces will have an opportunity to familiarize themselves with robotic samples used in the army. Moreover, prototype samples will be demonstrated as well.

Military-purpose robotic samples will be demonstrated in the pavilion of the military industrial complex located in the “Patriot” park. In particular, Uran-6 mine-clearing robot, Uran-14 fire-fighting robot, Eleron and Orlan-10 UAV complexes, and dozens of systems developed by corporations of the military industrial complex will be demonstrated as well.

Participants of the conference will be able to see different UAVs and off-road automotive-type panel trucks.

Representatives of the Russian Defence Ministry and Russian scientific society are to participate in the conference.

10.02.2016 (17:21) Exercise of the Western MD artillery formation started in the Leningrad region Servicemen are to perform more than 100 different firing tasks operating Msta-S self-propelled howitzers, Shturm-S self-propelled antitank complexes and Uragan MLRS.
10.02.2016 (16:23) Russian Minister of Defence congratulated the People’s Artist of the USSR Vladimir Zeldin with his 101st anniversary General of the Army Sergei Shoigu presented a bunch of 101 roses and noted that the contribution of the actor to the history of this country, the Russian culture and art could hardly be overestimated – it was immense.
10.02.2016 (14:27) Servicemen of the separate Marine brigade are training for the “Naval derby – 2016” Last year competitions were successful for the Pacific Fleet Marines. Team of the Kamchatka force grouping won the first prize in firing and driving the APC.
10.02.2016 (14:02) “Strizhi” aerobatic team demonstrate their skills in combat usage of aviation weapons at special ranges Fight crews on MiG-29 aircraft are involved in firing practice.
10.02.2016 (13:35) Units of the Southern MD motorized rifle mountain brigade moved to the assigned areas in the course of the unannounced combat readiness inspection At the moment, command and control centers of the brigade were deployed, and units are taking positions at unfamiliar ranges.
10.02.2016 (13:04) Exercise of the Caspian Flotilla ship grouping started in the Caspian Sea More than 20 warships and supply vessels, including Dagestan missile ship, Grad Sviyazhsk, Uglich and Veliky Ustug small missile ships, will be involved in the exercise.
10.02.2016 (12:39) Task performance readiness inspection takes place in the Russian military base in Armenia In the course of the inspection, motorized rifle, tank, artillery, air defence and special units are holding tactic, firing and driving control training.
10.02.2016 (11:28) Intensive flights of Il-38N modernized anti-submarine aircraft started on Kamchatka The crews are to perform 10 flights in order to improve their piloting skills, master new capabilities of the aircraft and navigational rescue complex “Novella-P-38”.
10.02.2016 (10:30) Unique military-purpose developments to be demonstrated at the Military-scientific conference on robotic technologies Different UAVs, mine-clearing robots, fire-fighting robots, off-road automotive-type panel trucks will also be demonstrated in the pavilions of the “Patriot” park.
10.02.2016 (09:57) Snipers of the Northern Fleet Arctic brigade mastering new large-caliber rifle 12.7mm ASVK rifle firing range reaches about 2000 meters. The rifle is capable to engage not only manpower but also light-armored vehicles of the enemy.
10.02.2016 (08:30) Ship attack and tactic groups of the Black Sea Fleet and Caspian Flotilla performed several tasks in the course of night maneuvering in concentration areas Warships of the Black Sea Fleet and Caspian Flotilla organized underwater anti-sabotage defensive.
09.02.2016 (21:12) Deputy Defence Minister Yuri Borisov visited Voronezh aircraft manufacturing corporation The Deputy Defence Minister inspected implementation of the State Defence Order concerning delivering An-148 short-range airplanes and Il-112 light military transports.
09.02.2016 (17:40) NBC protection units of the Western MD practiced protecting objects from chemical attacks of the simulated enemy In the course of the training, the servicemen detected the source of contamination, assess the threat level and transferred data to the Western MD HQ.
09.02.2016 (17:05) Deputy Defence Minister Yuri Borisov made a working trip to the “Kuznetsov” enterprise in Samara He inspected the repairing process of aviation hardware as well as the creation of a new concept of the Tu-160 aircraft.
09.02.2016 (13:56) Minister of Defence ordered to speed up construction of the military town in Kyzyl General of the Army Sergei Shoigu also ordered to construct facilities of the second turn located in the Presidential Cadet School in Kyzyl by September 1.
09.02.2016 (13:35) Southern MD mountain motorized rifle brigade alerted in the course of unannounced combat readiness inspection After the alert signal, the units reached the column formation point and conducted more than 100-kilometer marching to the concentration area and started preparing for task performance.
09.02.2016 (13:00) Baltic Fleet divers performed tasks under ice cover in the Gulf of Finland Divers observed ship hulls and sea bottom, and performed repair works on water impermeability of the ship hull, which had a simulated breach.
09.02.2016 (12:46) Novorossiysk Airborne formation to hold exercise at unfamiliar range More than 600 servicemen and more than 150 pieces of armament and military hardware are involved in the inspection.
09.02.2016 (12:33) Reconnaissance group of the Northern Fleet Arctic motorized rifle brigade to participate in expedition along the White Sea shore The servicemen are to pass about 500 kilometers from Onega to Severodvinsk on three A-1 army snow mobiles providing escort and protection of the expedition by the Russian Geographical Society.
09.02.2016 (10:55) Russian Defence Minister inspecting objects of military and social infrastructure of military units in Tyva General of the Army Sergei Shoigu will visit Presidential Cadet School and separate motorized rifle brigade in Kyzyl.
09.02.2016 (10:23) Caspian Flotilla Marines moved to the ranges in the course of the combat readiness inspection The battalions started preparing for anti-assault defence of the coast and offensive operation at the Peski Artilleriyskiye and Adanak ranges.
09.02.2016 (09:00) NBC protection specialists of the Russian military base in Armenia practice actions in high mountains NBC protection units conduct training at the Kamhud high mountain range at the temperature of -20 degrees Celsius and complex weather conditions.
09.02.2016 (08:51) Central MD Commander reported to the Minister of Defence on the transition of military messes to a new digital control systems The new system uses biometric data and allows to stop or stop having a meal using fingermarks. The servicemen can also choose dishes for the next ingestion.
09.02.2016 (08:30) Russian Defence Minister inspected military town construction of the Abakan railway brigade General of the Army Sergei Shoigu noted that serious work has been done. He also paid attention to in-time putting in service of barracks and depots for the new military hardware.
09.02.2016 (06:31) 1,000 servicemen are to take part in the Russian-Mongolian military exercise Selenga – 2016 In the course of the exercise, servicemen of the joint force grouping will practice tactic actions in the course of the counter-terrorist operation on creating the safety zone in the assigned area, blocking and liquidating of the simulated illegal armed groups.
Source: Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation
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