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The history of this meetings does not necessarily mean that the two churches join together times it happens other wonders. Both the Pope and the Patriarch Cyril will not give up their power in favor of the unification of religions.

One aspect of possible negotiations for unification might be the financial situation of the two churches. About the Orthodox Church does not know next to nothing about its revenue but about the Vatican knows that they are a serious issue for.
This meeting can be a financial discussion and yielding a rate of influence on the part of the Vatican for benevolence. The meeting comes in the context of Muslim assault. It is now in need of unification of the two churches because Muslims and other religions?
Questions will respond to future actions of the two churches.:
What are the real reasons of the meeting?
What kind of negotiations are done in this respect?
What is the scope of influence of financial exchange ceded?
Who will be the leader of the two churches and what doctrine will be followed?
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