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Members of the Government, as of 11 February 2016

New Government ministers list…. [Read more]
11 February 2016

The success of French MOOCs

France Stratégie recently published a report entitled ‘What is the best strategy for developing MOOCs?’. The report highlights the… [Read more]
11 February 2016

Trade deficit falls in 2015 for fourth consecutive year

In 2015 the trade deficit decreased for a fourth consecutive year. Now standing at €45.7bn, the deficit has decreased by nearly €3… [Read more]
8 February 2016

European Commission’s economic forecasts for France

The European Commission has published its latest economic forecasts for France. The forecasts indicate that in 2015 the effects of… [Read more]
8 February 2016

“France is already a business-friendly country”

Manuel Valls attended the 23rd “Salon des Entrepreneurs” (Entrepreneurs’ Fair) at the Palais des Congrès in Paris on 3 February 20… [Read more]
5 February 2016

Zika epidemic: the current situation

France is concerned about the Zika epidemic, with Martinique and Guyana recently reaching epidemic levels. Meeting with elected re… [Read more]
4 February 2016

Europe of Culture: France and the Netherlands have acquired two of Rembrandt’s masterpieces

France and the Netherlands have recently signed a historic agreement for the joint acquisition of two masterpieces by Rembrandt, P… [Read more]
2 February 2016

Cybersecurity: the Government’s strategy

The ministerial action plan for fighting cyber threats seeks to achieve three strategic aims: to be more proactive in tackling the… [Read more]
28 January 2016

“Immersion France”, an application to promote linguistic tourism

Incorporating the French language into tourism enhances the attractiveness of the regions and territories. Immersion France, a fre… [Read more]
27 January 2016

The Digital Bill

The National Assembly has just passed the Bill for a Digital Republic. The bill was jointly prepared in consultation with citizens… [Read more]
26 January 2016
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