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23 Feb. 2016

Secretary General: NATO and the EU working closer together than ever before

Calling the European Union “an essential partner for NATO,” Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg has welcomed closer cooperation between the European Union and NATO. Addressing the European Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee and Sub-Committee on Security and Defence on Tuesday (23 February 2016), he noted that 90% of the European Union’s citizens are also citizens of NATO Allies, which underscores the importance of the relationship.

22 Feb. 2016

NATO and Uzbekistan reinforce cooperation

The NATO Liaison Officer for Central Asia Rosaria Puglisi met the Uzbek Minister of Foreign Affairs Abdulaziz Kamilov and Minister of Defence Kabul Berdiev on 10 and 12 February. They discussed ongoing collaboration between the Alliance and Uzbekistan and examined ways to enhance the relationship in 2016.

19 Feb. 2016

Deputy Secretary General welcomes NATO-Morocco cooperation

NATO Deputy Secretary General Alexander Vershbow stressed the value of cooperation with Morocco at a Public Diplomacy seminar in Rabat on Friday (19 February 2016). Calling Morocco “a beacon of stability in a region beset by strife”, Ambassador Vershbow praised the government’s reforms and its stabilising influence in the region. He stressed that bilateral and multilateral cooperation “will be vital if we are to destroy the likes of ISIL and return long-term stability to North Africa and the Middle East.”

18 Feb. 2016

NATO Deputy Secretary General stresses value of Mediterranean Dialogue in visit to Morocco

NATO Deputy Secretary General Alexander Vershbow praised Morocco’s long-standing contribution to political dialogue and practical cooperation with NATO, during the first day of his first official visit to Rabat on 18 February 2016. He underlined Morocco’s contribution to international security and stability, as a force of moderation and a voice of reason, in a fast changing and turbulent regional security environment. Ambassador Vershbow held bilateral talks with Mr. Abdellatif Loudiyi, the Minister-Delegate for National Defence, ‎with General Bouchaib Arroub, Inspector General of the Royal Armed Forces of Morocco, and with Mr. Youssef Amrani, Minister Advisor to the King for International Relations.

17 Feb. 2016

NATO Secretary General strongly condemns Ankara attack

I strongly condemn the terrorist attack which struck at the heart of Ankara tonight, targeting buses carrying military personnel‎.

16 Feb. 2016

North Atlantic Council discusses energy developments with experts

In a meeting with external experts, the North Atlantic Council today (16 February 2016) discussed global energy developments and their security implications. EU Commission Vice President, Ambassador Maroš Šefčovič, US State Department Deputy Assistant Secretary for Energy Diplomacy, Robin Dunnigan, and the International Energy Agency’s Director for Energy Markets and Security, Keisuke Sadamori outlined the strategic implications of the low oil price environment, reviewed the current state of energy security in Europe, and examined the Coalition’s efforts to disrupt the illegal energy sales of the so-called Islamic State.

15 Feb. 2016

North Atlantic Council and NATO Parliamentary Assembly discuss NATO Summit in Warsaw

The North Atlantic Council met members of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly on Monday (15 February) and discussed priorities for this year’s NATO Summit in Warsaw as well as how the Alliance is adapting to the new security challenges.

15 Feb. 2016

Montenegro begins Accession Talks with NATO

Montenegro marked an important step on its road towards NATO membership on Monday (15 February 2016), beginning two days of Accession Talks in Brussels. The talks cover the details of membership including political, military and legal questions, and provide an opportunity for both sides to clarify outstanding issues.

13 Feb. 2016

NATO Secretary General calls for more defence and more dialogue

In a ‎keynote speech at the Munich Security Conference, NATO Secretary General focused on the security challenges stemming from the East. He made clear that the Alliance does not seek confrontation and does not want a new Cold War, but will respond firmly. He made clear that the response lies with “both more defence and more dialogue.”

12 Feb. 2016

NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg at Munich Security Conference

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg is attending the Munich Security Conference on 12-13 February 2014, against the background of a changed security environment.

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