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Coordination centre for reconciliation of opposing sides on the territory of the Syrian Arab Republic started its work at the Hmeymim airbase

In accordance with the Russian-American agreements, the Coordination centre for reconciliation of opposing sides on the territory of the Syrian Arab Republic started its work at the Hmeymim airbase yesterday.

The centre is composed of over 50 people and 5 groups:

  • analysis and planning group;
  • negotiation group;
  • group for agreements and cooperation with foreign organizations;
  • information support group;
  • group for humanitarian support of the Syrian population.

Attention is to be paid to the fact that the majority of the Russian officers of the Centre have significant experience in peacemaking activities both under the aegis of the UN and within other peacekeeping formats.

The name of the Centre tells about its main missions:

  • receive appeals from representatives of local authorities and armed groupings through a common telephone line and an e-mail address concerning their willingness to stop the combat actions and to negotiate for a truce;
  • provide any assistance to everyone who makes addresses to the Centre of organization of contacts and further cooperation with the Syrian state authorities in order to sign ceasefire and peace-making agreements;
  • organization of cooperation with international organizations in the field of deliveries of humanitarian cargoes to the Syrian population and return of refugees from other regions and countries.

All the contacts of the Centre are shown on the screen and are now being spread through, first of all, the Syrian media, television, radio, SMS and e-mail as well as through all other channels at disposal.

As soon as the contact information was brought to the Syrian population, the active work of the Centre started.

There are some first results.

The Centre is receiving appeals, there are dozens of them.

First of all, they are thoroughly checked.

The Russian Defence Ministry does not exclude provocations against the Centre and its personnel.

The work is not simple, because it includes not only telephone talks but also field work for practical implementation of ceasefire agreements and delivery of humanitarian help to the population.

Passing to the certain results for the last two days.

The Centre has already received more than 10 appeals from certain areas where Russian servicemen are conducting an active work now.

Blue areas on the map show the regions from which appeals on ceasefire are being received.

They are located in different provinces of Syria. Members of the centre are actively working with representatives of groupings in different settlements of the Hama, Homs, Latakia, Damascus and Daraa provinces.

One of the results is the signing of peace documents as it has happened in Javalik settlement and a number of other inhabited areas in the Homs province.

There are also some results in the north of Latakia. Combat actions have been terminated in the settlements of Ghunaymiyah, Laulyat and Burj Islam in the north of the province. Peace documents have been signed there.

Negotiations are being held in a number of settlements of the province.

The regions and settlements of Syria, where the peace documents have been signed, local population receive humanitarian cargoes, living essentials and medical support from personnel of the Coordination centre.

It is it be emphasized that the Russian-American agreements are not acceptable for everyone. In particular, in the north of Syria where large-caliber artillery continues shelling of the Syrian bordering settlements from the territory of Turkey.

Attention is to be paid to the fact that the selective blindness of international human rights organizations concerning this fact arouses deep concerns, to say the least.

Instead of unsubstantiated accusations of the Russian party of indiscriminate strikes, the Amnesty International, the Human Rights Watch, the Doctors Without Borders and other organizations would rather give their official view on the criminal actions of the Turkish Armed Forces.

Concerning the cooperation with the American partners.

Yesterday the US military attaché in Moscow was presented all the contact information of the “hot line” (main and alternate channels) as it was prescribed by the Russian-American agreement on ceasefire in Syria.

Twenty-four hours have already passed. No answer has been received yet.

The Russian party has no idea if it is connected with the strange statements of the Pentagon spokesman Peter Cook who has a quite superficial and, to say it more precisely, distorted view on the achieved Russian-American agreements on the Syrian topic.

It is to be reminded that Mister Cook stated that the ceasefire in Syria was a test for the Russian authorities.

Mister Cook should calm down and focus on the department, the representative of which he is – the Pentagon.

For sure, Mr. Cook finds difficult to do that unlike his predecessors because of lack of knowledge in military science.

Therefore, Mr. Cook aspires to redress by making great mistakes.

He should be gentler and more professional.

The Russian Defence Ministry paid attention to articles in mass media about alleged framing of plans by the American partners. The plans were called as “B” and other letters of the alphabet.

It is to be said that the Russian party has started a complex and particular work aimed at reconciliation in Syria.

The American partners are considered to start the real work instead of traveling through letters and words as fast as possible.

These are the results of the Russian aviation group from the Hmeymim airbase.

In the course of the last two days, strike intensity of the Russian aircraft has significantly decreased.

Mainly, it is caused by claims aimed at cease fire and start reconciliation negotiations, which had been made by local authorities or representatives of the illegal armed forces.

The Russian aviation performs no strikes at these regions.

Alongside, it is to be stressed that this Russian-American agreement on cease fire in Syria does not apply combat operations aimed at liquidation of the ISIS, Jabhat al-Nusra, and other groups, which had been determined as terrorist ones.

Therefore, the Russian aircraft continue making strikes on objects of these international terrorists.

In the course of the last two days, aircraft of the Russian aviation group have performed 62 combat sorties engaging 187 targets in the provinces of Hama, Raqqah, Deir ez-Zor, Aleppo and Homs.

Near Ithriyah (Hama province), Su-34 bombers destroyed more than 10 militants’ strong points located on tactical heights.

Strikes caused destruction of engineer installations of terrorists, elimination of more than 50 militants. A tank and three off-roaders with heavy armament were also hit.

At the approaches to Tadmur (Palmyra, Homs province), on the Tlul  al-Ramlayat height, a Su-34 bomber carried out a strike on the ISIS positions. Two direct hits resulted in elimination of two mortar batteries with the crews as well as two pieces of armored hardware.

Near al-Bab (Aleppo province), a Su-24M bomber attacked a concentration of ISIS manpower and hardware concentration. The objective monitoring data confirms liquidation of at least 10 militants as well as 3 automobiles with large-caliber machine guns.

In the Raqqah province, a column, which consisted of 10 heavy trucks with armament and munitions, was completely eliminated with all its contents on its way to Deir ez-Zor province by strikes made by Russian Su-34.

24.02.2016 (13:27)In the course of the last two days, strike intensity of the Russian aircraft has significantly decreasedIts maneuvering characteristics at different speeds as well as operability of various onboard systems were also tested during the ship sortie
24.02.2016 (11:32)Crews of Su-25SM attack aircraft started performing training tasks under bad weather conditionsThe pilots will practice take-off and landing, complex maneuvering, actions in emergency situations, evasion of fighter attacks, overcoming of air defence of simulated enemy.
24.02.2016 (10:59)Delegation of the Russian Defence Ministry took part in the session of the working group of senior officials of the ASEAN Defence Ministers’ MeetingIn the course of the joint work, topical issues of cooperation of military departments in the favour of stability and security in the Asian-Pacific region were discussed.
24.02.2016 (06:23)Since the beginning of the year Eastern MD received about 2000 contact servicemenAbout 900 men have already passed the general military training course at the bases of the military units in the Khabarovsk Krai and the Zabaykalsky Krai.
20.02.2016 (15:48)In 2016, Caspian Flotilla ships to visit three foreign portsIn total, 3-4 ships, including Dagestan and Tatarstan missile ships will participate in the visits.
20.02.2016 (15:06)Air defence units of the Russian military base in Abkhazia detected and engaged simulated enemy aircraftIn the course of the fire control training, Su-27 fighter of the Southern MD air defence and air force formation acted as a training aerial target.
20.02.2016 (12:13)Russian military base in Armenia received a batch of aircraftMilitary transport aviation delivered 4 MiG-29 repaired and MiG-29S modernized fighters and a Mi-8MT transport helicopter.
20.02.2016 (10:09)Unannounced inspection of the Eastern MD Commander mobile reserve took place at Khabarovsk rangeAfter the alert signal, units practiced blocking and liquidating of simulated terrorists at the range in the Khabarovsk Krai.
20.02.2016 (08:59)Counter-terrorist complex training started on the Northern FleetIn the course of the training, the units practiced protection of checkpoints, blocking and liquidating simulated illegal armed groups.
19.02.2016 (17:56)Major ASW ship Vice Admiral Kulakov conducted antisubmarine defence exerciseThe crew practiced activities aimed at searching for submarines using hydroacoustic equipment and a Ka-27PL ASW helicopter.
19.02.2016 (15:30)Exposition of the Russian Defence Ministry devoted to the International Army Games and the Forum Army-2016 opened in the KremlinThe visitors will have the opportunity to register for the future events as well as to ask their questions to their organizers.
19.02.2016 (14:52)Seamen of the Northern Fleet to exchange experience of pilotage of ships with civilian specialists of the Arctic portsIn particular, the practice is organized on the basis of the training centre in Severomorsk where they will learn to cooperate with ships crews of minesweepers.
19.02.2016 (13:16)Best students of Moscow State Institute of International Relations, Moscow State University and Moscow State Technical University visited Military Academy of the General StaffThey were shown the museum of the glorified educational institution, learnt about its history, famous attendees as well as got familiarized with the learning conditions of officers.
19.02.2016 (12:44)Starting from 2016, Western MD conducted over 20 combat readiness inspectionsAlert activities, combat sorties to the assigned areas with further task performance on unfamiliar terrain have been practiced during the checks.
19.02.2016 (11:26)Cadets of the Southern MD Air defence training centre of the Land Forces master Tor-MU and portable Igla air defence systemsThe servicemen will have to carry out firings at targets, which imitate UAVs, tactical aircraft and cruise missiles of simulated enemy.
19.02.2016 (10:26)Command-and-staff exercise is underway in the Pskov RegionIt involves over 2,5 thousand servicemen, about 300 pieces of armoured, automobile and special military hardware.
19.02.2016 (09:16)Marines of the Northern Fleet started preparing for the “Naval derby”Ten crews of BTR-82 APCs consisting of contract servicemen are training on the basis of the formation’s training centre.
19.02.2016 (08:57)Special Task Force of the Central MD practice counter-sniper techniques at ranges of the Western SiberiaThe servicemen master stealth movement and camouflaging, learn to use modern means of reconnaissance as well as to equip long-time ambushes under conditions of snowy weather.
19.02.2016 (06:07)Eastern MD defined the best crews for participating in the Aviadarts contestPiloting, navigation, and conducting air reconnaissance performed by all types of aircraft was assessed by the referee commission in the course of the preparation stage for the contest.
18.02.2016 (18:08)Western MD fighters practiced escorting Tu-22M3 long-range bombersMoreover, the crews held training on intercepting and liquidating aerial targets during simulated aerial duels.
18.02.2016 (16:28)Reconnaissancemen of the Southern motorized rifle brigade practice operating in mountain-woody terrain in DagestanIn the course of the field training, the special attention will be paid to operating the Strelets reconnaissance, control and communication complexes fitted with GLONASS systems.
18.02.2016 (15:54)Motorized rifle platoons of the Russian military base in Abkhazia to perform combat firingMore than 40% of firings will be held at nighttime with the usage of night sights, mounted on military hardware and small arms.
18.02.2016 (15:15)Eastern MD helicopter crews performed rocket strikes on objects of simulated enemy within the exerciseCrews of Ka-52 and Mi-8AMTSh practiced maneuvering, operating at extremely low altitudes and using terrain for stealth flying.
18.02.2016 (15:01)Pilots of Night Hunter helicopters of the Southern MD practice detecting ground targets in complex weather conditions at nighttimeIn the course of the flights, the pilots are to meet qualification standards in detection and identification of armoured hardware, helicopters and low-flying aircraft using night vision devices.
Source: Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation
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