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Report of the Russian Centre for reconciliation of opposing sides in the Syrian Arab Republic (March 5, 2016)

General information on the application of measures for the reconciliation of opposing sides

In the course of last 24 hours, appeals of 8 commanders of armed groupings active in Daraa for joining ceasefire regime have been received. Therefore, total number of “moderate” opposition detachments, which had joined truce regime, has reached 30.

Negotiations with leaders of 6 armed formations located in the provinces of Damascus, Homs and Daraa are being held.

Consultations with representatives of 3 towns concerning ceasefire and humanitarian aid have been held.

Total number of reconciliation agreements has reached 42.

Results of ceasefire monitoring

In the course of last 24 hours, 9 ceasefire violations have been registered (Aleppo –6, Damascus – 1, Daraa – 1, Latakia –1).

Most violations took place in Aleppo.

Jabhat Ansar al-Din armed groups carried out mortar attacks on Sheikh Maqsood, Sheikh Akil, al-Kastello and al-Murge districts (city of Aleppo).

Liwa al- Tawhid militants attacked progovernment formations in Daraa with multiple launch rocket system.

Territory of Syria was attacked from the territory of Turkey once again.

Turkish tanks attacked Dikmetash (Idlib province) from Akcha Baglar at 4 p.m. on March 4, 2016.

Russian Aerospace Forces and Syrian Air Forces did not made strikes on armed formations, which follow ceasefire regime and informed the Russian or American Centres for reconciliation about their location.

Humanitarian aid to the population of Syria

Russian Centre for reconciliation of opposing sides in the Syrian Arab Republic has transported 3.5 tons of humanitarian aid in al-Suria (Latakia province).

The citizens have received food products and bottled drinking water. They also were provided with medical treatment.
Additional information

Meeting of representatives of opposition organizations and religious leaders took place on the territory of the Russian Centre for reconciliation.

In the course of the meeting, representatives made a suggestion on creation of an initiative group for development of a project of the new Syrian Constitution, which is to be presented for the nationwide discussion.

04.03.2016 (12:41)Su-24M crews of the Western MD bombing squadron practiced air refuelingThe operation was held at day- and nighttime independently and in pairs. The tanker refueled two aircraft simultaneously.
04.03.2016 (11:37)Southern MD reconnaissance units held tactic special exercise in North OssetiaIn the course of the exercise, the servicemen practiced organizing observation posts, ambushes, searching as well as operating UAVs and repelling attacks of simulated enemy sabotage groups.
04.03.2016 (10:45)Reconnaissancemen of the Russian military base in Armenia performed a 100-kilometer marching to Pambak mountainous rangeIn the course of the field training, more than 300 scouts of the formation are to pass climbing and special training course in complex geographical conditions.
04.03.2016 (09:36)Reconnaissancemen of the Russian military base in Abkhazia finished training at the Tsabal mountainous rangeIn the course of the month, the servicemen performed training sabotage operations, practiced organizing attacks and ambushes, and countering sabotage groups in mountainous and woody area.
04.03.2016 (07:33)Caspian Flotilla Marines repelled assault attack of the simulated enemy on the coastMoreover, the servicemen performed a complex of tasks on NBC protection, passing mine obstacles and landing to mountainous regions.
04.03.2016 (06:37)Pacific Fleet received Bastion missile complexIt is designed to provide protection of the sea coast and capable to engage surface ships of different targets and classes in conditions of fire and EW countermeasures.
03.03.2016 (16:40)Oceanographic ship Admiral Vladimirsky finished the main phase of the expedition to Antarctica and arrived in Cape TownThe ship will stay in the port till March 8. After the supplies are replenished, she will continue movement along the route to Kronstadt.
03.03.2016 (15:19)Tactic special training with the Pacific Fleet Marine engineer units started at the Radigyn range on KamchatkaThe servicemen are to practice providing support of the Marines while performing assigned tasks.
03.03.2016 (14:47)Specialized exposition devoted to the Arctic to take place at the military and technical forum “ARMY–2016”It will demonstrate innovative designs, series production samples, unique technologies directed at Far North territory development.
03.03.2016 (14:12)Preliminaries of the “Suvorov onslaught” started in the Southern MD combined-arms army located in North CaucasusThe teams are to demonstrate their skills in driving BMP-2 IFVs with overcoming obstacles of increased complexity and engaging moving targets at the distances of 900-2200 meters.
03.03.2016 (13:04)Caspian Flotilla Marines practice operating in mountains of DagestanIn the course of the tactic exercise, the Black berets are to practice landing from Mi-8 helicopters in the mountains in order to capture and elimination of command posts and storages in rear lines of the simulated enemy.
03.03.2016 (09:28)Officers of the General Staff of the Kirgiz Armed Forces visited the Russian airbaseIn the course of the visit, the delegation discussed preparation for the 71st anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War with the command staff of the Russian formation.
03.03.2016 (08:57)MiG-31BM crews intercepted aerial attack means of the simulated enemy in the sky over Urals and SiberiaIn the course of the flight tactic exercise, pilots of the Kansk airbase practiced engaging cruise missiles of the simulated enemy and conducted a training air combat.
03.03.2016 (07:16)UAVs of the Eastern MD spent more than 300 hours in the skyThe flight intensity is connected with involvement of the UAV crews in combat training activities of the Eastern MD troops and forces.
02.03.2016 (14:16)Seamen and paratroopers of the Novorossiysk garrison are preparing for the International Army Games – 2016In particular, the Airborne formation held preliminaries for the “Ring of Elbrus” contest and formed a team to participate in the “Airborne platoon” contest.
02.03.2016 (11:46)Marines of the Caspian flotilla to carry out a landing operation on the coastlineIn the course of the tactical exercise, the assault units will capture a beachhead and defend it performing combat firings.
02.03.2016 (08:15)S-400 Triumph crews were put in combat duty in Western SiberiaThe complexes are designed for high-effective engagement of strategic and tactic aviation, ballistic missiles, hypersonic targets and other attack aerial means.
01.03.2016 (15:17)Aviation rescuers of the Aerospace Forces practiced evacuating injured in extreme conditions of winter boreal forestMore than 50 specialists of search-and-rescue specialists of the Russian Aerospace Force aviation formations participated in the special training held in the Khabarovsk Krai.
01.03.2016 (14:20)Veliky Novgorod newest diesel-electric submarine to be floated out in Saint PetersburgThis is the 5th submarine of 636.3 project built by Admiralty Shipyards for the Black Sea Fleet.
01.03.2016 (12:57)Russian Defence Minister General of the Army Sergei Shoigu held a teleconference with the leadership of the Russian Armed ForcesIntroduction of automated military education systems “Electronic higher educational establishment” became the main theme to be discussed.
01.03.2016 (11:46)Unannounced combat readiness inspection launched in the Teikovo missile divisionThe commission will pay special attention to task performance readiness of duty forces of the formation and missile regiments and operational deployment of the hardware on field positions.
01.03.2016 (11:16)Air defence units of the Eastern MD to perform combat firing at the Telemba range in BuryatiaS-300, Osa, Strela-10 and Tor-M2U air defence missile systems and complexes, Pantsyr-S missile and gun antiaircraft complexes, and Shilka missile artillery complexes are to be involved in firing.
01.03.2016 (09:04)Snezhnogorsk small-sized ASW ship of the Northern Fleet entered the Barents Sea to perform combat trainingShips of such class are designed to engage submarines in the nearest maritime zones. They are armed with artillery and air defence complexes as well as bomb systems and torpedoes.
29.02.2016 (17:10)Russian Defence Minister General of the Army Sergei Shoigu held a Board session of the military departmentThe Board discussed implementation process of the Russian Navy activity plan 2020 and summed up results of implementation of decrees of the Russian President dated 2012.
Source: Ministry of  Defence of the Russian Federation
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