News: ACT puts Spotlight on Training during Annual NATO Conference

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160302tsc400TIRANA, Albania – Political and military leaders from 46 Nations met to talk about changes and challenges related to training, education, and exercises on the first three days of March during the NATO Training Synchronisation Conference, and a time when combating security threats is a very high priority.

Exercises and training are an important part of NATO’s ability to live up to their purpose of safeguarding the freedom and security of its members through political and military means. Responsible for delivering effective training and exercise programmes, Allied Command Transformation (ACT) takes this duty seriously.

“The achievements I would like to emphasize are ours,” said Vice Admiral Javier Gonzalez-Huix, ACT Deputy Chief of Staff Joint Force Trainer. “In just 2013 we started with a single strategic exercise, now in 2016 we have six strategic exercises,” he said.

Recently put to the test, NATO conducted its largest military exercise since 2002, labeled Trident Juncture 2015. This event included more than 36,000 personnel from 30 Allied and Partner Nations who showcased a capable and equipped Alliance, ready to meet present and future security challenges. It also demonstrated exactly why effective training, complimented by relevant exercises, are vital to collective defence.

“Training, exercises, and education are at the very of heart developing NATO military capability, and so this conference is a very important event,” said Air Marshal Graham Stacey, ACT Chief of Staff.

Comprised of five specialized meetings, the conference focused on specific training aspects in order to develop innovative solutions for the future. This year’s conference marked the sixth iteration, and yielded an impressive turnout of more than 330 participants.

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