Navy Announces Policy Guidance for Transgender Personnel

From Chief of Naval Personnel Public Affairs

WASHINGTON (NNS) — On Nov. 5, the Secretary of the Navy published guidance on the Department of the Navy’s transgender policy in SECNAVINST 1000.11. Following the release of the SECNAVINST, the Navy announced its interim guidance for service of transgender personnel Nov. 7, via NAVADMIN 248/16.

To remain the finest seagoing fighting force the world has ever known, the Navy needs men and women who are the right fit for the right job regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, creed, or gender identity. Our goal is to ensure that the mission is carried out by the most qualified and capable service members. If the individual can meet the Navy’s standards, they should be afforded the opportunity to serve.

Effective Oct. 1, transgender Sailors could begin the process to officially change their gender in our personnel administrative systems in accordance with DOD and service policy. On July 1, 2017, transgender applicants who meet updated accessions standards may be accessed into the U.S. Armed Services.

In order for Sailors to transition genders, they must receive a diagnosis from a military medical provider (MMP) indicating that gender transition is medically necessary and develop a transition plan, approved by their commanding officer. The transition plan must include the individual Sailor’s medical treatment plan and must take into consideration both the desires of the individual and the operational requirements of the command. Transition medical treatment differs for each individual. During the transition process, service members shall comply with all standards of the gender marker currently in Navy personnel administrative systems/DEERS.

The NAVADMIN details the procedures for Sailors to transition genders and identifies several policy changes. There will be new modesty policies to allow for increased privacy in berthing, shower and head facilities, adjustment to language in the urinalysis program and adding gender identity to the military equal opportunity policy. After careful review of the physical readiness program, it was determined that no change was needed to the current policy and that standards remain the same for all Sailors.

Training will be provided to commands starting in November. Commands will be provided DVDs, training materials, a facilitation guide, a commanding officer’s toolkit, along with the DOD handbook on transgender service to help Sailors understand gender transitions. For units in remote training areas that may not have access to the face-to-face training, there will be webinars for triads to ask questions prior to delivering training to their commands. Training should be complete for all active duty Sailors no later than Jan. 31, 2017, and April 30, 2017, for reserve Sailors.

This policy guidance only applies to Navy military personnel – both active and reserve. Questions on Department of the Navy (DON) transgender civilian personnel shall be referred to the DON Office of Civilian Human Resources, and/or the DON Office of the General Counsel and questions on transgender civilian contractors serving with the Navy should be referred to the contracting officer’s representative.

To help answer Sailors’ questions, contact 1-855-628-9311 (1-855-NAVY-9311). Sailors will need to press “0” and follow a series of prompts or email

The DOD Transgender Handbook can be found at

Source: U.S. Navy


Robert Williams

Editor in Chief

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