Kick-off meeting for the European Judicial Cybercrime Network

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The Hague, 25 November 2016



On 24 November, the President of Eurojust, Ms. Michèle Coninsx, welcomed the representatives of the European Judicial Cybercrime Network at Eurojust.  In their opening remarks, the President of Eurojust and Ms. Daniela Buruiana, Chair of the Eurojust Task Force on Cybercrime, stressed that the networking of specialised experts is essential for enhancing judicial cooperation in cybercrime investigations and prosecutions and for sharing expertise, knowledge and best practice.

The borderless nature of cyberspace poses special challenges for the judicial authorities. The cybercrime experts, in the presence of observers from third States Norway and Switzerland, as well as representatives of the General Secretariat of the Council, the European Commission, the EJN Secretariat and Europol’s European Cybercrime Centre (EC3), discussed the technical and legal challenges in relation to encryption and the legal obstacles to undercover investigations online.

Part of the meeting was also devoted to practical aspects and activities of the Network, including the support to be provided by Eurojust. In addition, Eurojust presented its ongoing activities in supporting the Network.

The President of Eurojust, Ms. Michèle Coninsx stated:

I would like to congratulate the European Judicial Cybercrime Network for its successful kick-off meeting. Eurojust looks forward to fruitful cooperation with the Network and is therefore committed to supporting its functioning. In implementing the Agenda on Security, close cooperation between Eurojust and the Network will contribute to a more effective judicial response at the European level in the fight against cybercrime.”

Mr. Branislav Boháčik, Prosecutor, General Prosecutor’s Office of the Slovak Republic stated:


The establishment of the EJCN is the fulfilment of a long-standing wish of practitioners. In this network, they will be able to share their experiences and expertise and work closely together with their colleagues from the EU Member States to deal with the many challenges that they face during investigations and prosecution of cybercrime and cyber-enabled crimes, such as encryption.”


Conclusions of the Council of the European Union on the European Judicial Cybercrime Network of 9 June 2016 (10025/16): The Network will facilitate and enhance cooperation between the competent  judicial authorities dealing with cybercrime, cyber- enabled crime and investigations in cyberspace, by facilitating exchange of information and best practice, as well as fostering dialogue among the different actors and stakeholders that have a role in ensuring the rule of law in cyberspace.

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