Review Euronews : Romania in the News


Romanian left poised for comeback after polls predict local election rout

Exit polls from local elections in Romania suggest that barely a year after quitting government under a corruption cloud the Social Democrats have roared back nationwide, and will…


Storms in Romania

A fresh flood swept away six cars on a main road in Valcea county, Central Romania. Traffic in the area was blocked until firefighters used pumps to


Romania: Shepherds protest

Over 2500 shepherds protested in front of the Parliament, dissatisfied with the modifications brought to the Hunting Law regulating how many shepherd


Romanian PM refuses to step down despite criminal probe

Romanian Prime Minister Victor Ponta has refused to step down despite the launch of a criminal investigation against him. Hundreds protested in the


Dolniceanu shines in Moscow

Romania’s Tiberiu Dolniceanu produced a superb display to edge out Matyas Szabo in the men’s sabre final at the Moscow Grand Prix on Saturday. The


Romania seeks to tackle graft

Romania is trying to crack down on corruption. The country finished in last place amongst all EU countries in Transparency International’s Corruption


Romania trapped by snow

Romania issued a code red blizzard warning for three counties as the country was hit by thick snow and high winds on Monday (December 29)


Romania commemorates 1989 revolution

More than 200 people gathered in Bucharest’s University Square on Sunday to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the Romanian revolution, which deposed former communist leader Nicolae Ceausescu.
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