Palestinian protest calls for reopening of Hebron’s Shuhada street

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Russia honours fallen diplomat Vitaly Churkin

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Three million at risk of famine in Lake Chad region

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Breaking News:CNN blocked from White House press briefing

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President Trump Signs an Executive Order

Source: The White House

Breaking News: Aftermath of Deadly Syria Car Bomb

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President Trump Delivers Remarks at CPAC

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Breaking News:Suicide bomber kills 51 near Syria town taken from IS

Source:AFP news agency

Iraq Forces Take Full Control of Mosul Airport

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Trump: I’m not representing the globe

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Audience to Trump: Lock her up

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Trump hits CNN during speech

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Trump Speech at CPAC 2017 (FULL)

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President Donald Trump’s Full Speech At CPAC

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Trump: We are fighting fake news

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In traditional South African healing, the physical, spiri…

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Axelrod: This is outrageous

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Your first weapon is your mind. It’s a tool, to do the right thing

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Transgender teen responds to Trump

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RBS Plans to Cut Costs by $2.5 Billion as Losses Mount


Voyage officiel en Chine, nouvelles mesures contre l’Influenza aviaire à la Une cette semaine

De nouvelles mesures pour faire face au virus de l’Influenza aviaire Depuis la détection de plusieurs…

Conseil des ministres du 24 février 2017

Projets de loi Application à Mayotte de l’aide à l’activité partielle et du contrat de génération…

La Colegiul National Zinca Golescu din Pitesti a avut loc prima activitate de Educatie Juridica din sem.II…

Proiectul Pilot  de implementare a Educatiei Juridice continua in Judetul Arges pana la sfarsitul anului scolar…

FBI:Information Sought in Investigation into Deaths of Liberty German and Abigail Williams

Members of our community may have information to assist in this investigation. We are making a…

Exercițiu cu elicoptere americane la Mihail Kogălniceanu

  Marți, 28 februarie, începând cu ora 13.15, în Baza Aeriană din Mihail Kogălniceanu, militari români…

Speech by Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel at the Oslo Humanitarian Conference on Nigeria and the Lake Chad Region

24.02.2017 Colleagues, Excellencies, Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to thank you, Børge Brende, for hosting…

MAI/ Intrevedere a ministrului afacerilor interne Carmen Daniela Dan cu ES Hans Klemm, Ambasadorul SUA in Romania

COMUNICAT Nr. 49 din 24 februarie 2017  Ministrul afacerilor interne, doamna Carmen Daniela DAN, a avut…