KFOR and UNDP held a Small Arms and Light Weapon control conference

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1 MAR 2017
PRISTINA, Kosovo – KFOR and UNDP held on March 1st, a conference about small arms and light weapon control. The event was aimed to raise awareness on the danger to civil society from illegal possession of weapons, that is still a critical issue even years after the conflict.

As stated by KFOR Commander, Major General Giovanni Fungo, “these weapons pose an everyday threat to common citizens”.

Kosovo adopted the Law on Weapons and its related Administrative instructions in 2009 and 2010. The Strategy on Weapon Control and Collecting is a significant step towards the effective solution of this sensitive issue. “Weapons control strategies cannot be successful without the support of all peoples in Kosovo” General FUNGO stated, stressing the importance of a wide spread awareness.

South Eastern and Eastern Europe Clearinghouse for the control of SALW (SEESAC) representatives presented the activities conducted in Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo and Serbia. With reference to Kosovo, the Firearms and Explosive Risk Minimization project brought to a reduction of 30% of illegal weapons circulation.

This event is part of a wider KFOR initiative aiming to increase awareness and build stronger relations with the International Organizations serving in Kosovo and security providers in the Region.

Source: NATO


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