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Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA): STIG Update – Supplemental Information to the Cloud Computing SRG Released

Cloud Computing Security Requirements Guide (CC SRG)

DoD Cloud computing policy and the CC SRG is constantly evolving based on lessons learned with respect to the authorization of Cloud Service Offerings and their use by DoD Components. As such the CC SRG is following an “Agile Policy Development” strategy and will be updated quickly when necessary. In support of this strategy, DISA is offering a continuous public review option by accepting comments on the current version of the CC SRG at any time. Please use the comment matrix posted below. We would appreciate it if your comments are limited to critical issues and omissions or recommended coverage topics.

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DoD Cloud Computing SRG

3/6/2017 N/A Online Version
3/6/2017 2.5 MB PDF
3/6/2017 140 KB PDF
3/6/2017 170 KB PDF
3/6/2017 46 KB XLSX

DoD Cloud Computing Supplemental Guidance and Information

Source:Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA


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