Who is the enemy and who is their best friend or ally?



Yes, who is your friend, who is a possible ally? There’s stability? NATO, RUSSIA, CHINA, Britain, the EU, Brazil, Venezuela, Ukraine, Syria, Qatar, Iran, Turkey, Iraq, there are so many problems that you don’t know who’s right or who are their allies.

Donald Trump has faced its own armada. TV stations and various groups waging a war hard to understand by the rest of the world. It’s a dangerous domestic war because countries that depend on America are unreliable and can be at any time in Russian camp or even of time.

Turkey has traversed a period which showed that the struggle for power and domination is just as cruel. Who is the sponsor of Turkey? Who are the people who help her? Clearly nobody knows. Russia? The EU?

North Korea for years an unsolved problem. Threats, american student sent home in a coma, the military tests continue. Who are the sponsors of this country? Is america good or any other Alliance to solve the North Korean problem?
Or maybe it’s not a problem.
Venezuela, Brazil, countries rich in oil and exporting of meat and other products arein almost civil war and poverty. Why? Who are his enemies and why?
Reorientation of Europe to have its own security institutions, military, police and secret services proves? Reliable, solutions alliances point, friends?
Emergency situations in Europe, terrorist attacks, insecurity are frequently the situation faborabile whom?
Robert Williams
Editor in Chief