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British News Agency News247WorldPress recommend: Michael Lowder -Director Intelligence, Security, & Emergency Response at U.S. Dept of Transportation

British NewsAgency News247WorldPress recommend periodically personalities who have an outstanding contribuitie upon humanity. Today this outstanding personality is recommended Mr. 

Michael Lowder
Director – Intelligence, Security, & Emergency Response at U.S. Dept of Transportation

U.S. Dept of Transportation

Washington D.C. Metro




Short Bio: Presidential Rank Award – Distinguished Executive.

Serves as Co-Chair of U.S.-China Transportation Forum Working Group on Safety, Security & Management of Transportation Emergencies.

Represented the U.S government at conferences in China, Russia, Australia, Japan, the United Kingdom, Taiwan, and Turkey, as well as throughout the United States. Recently, he represented the U.S. at a NATO-RUSSIA counter terrorism exercise in Kaliningrad, Russia.

Serves on the Executive Board on the FBI’s National Joint Terrorism Task Force (NJTTF), and on the Board of Director of the El Paso Inteligence Center (EPIC); as well as representing the Department on National Security Council (NSC) and Homeland Security Council (HSC) policy committees and advisory groups.

Selected to attend the China Executive Leadership Academy – Pudong (CELAP) in Shanghai China in September, 2015 as part of a Global Leadership program.

Now Mr. Lowder …,I was honored to be part of the ones recognized for their contributions to the AASHTO – Special Committee on Transportation Security & Emergency Management (SCOTSEM) at its annual meeting and workshop in Houston , TX. A great group of professionals !!”


Congrats Michael!