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Helen Edwards : About Austrac and Commonwealth Bank Scandal -Australia

Dear Treasurer,

As per the many other emails and information I have previously sent to your office over the last year and the letter from the Prime Minister stating my problem is now under the responsibility of you. (Letter from PM – 3rd December 2015 will be forwarded in separate email) – no further response from you or the PM since this letter.

I am now requesting a full independent investigation of WHO & WHERE in our financial system and government departments has FAILED to monitor and report suspicious activity of CASH and money laundering going to HIGH RISK COUNTRIES as per my evidence provided to your office last year in which you already fobbed me off to other agencies who have also seemed to fail to take action or care.

I have also provided the Thesis of the HIGH RISK COMBINATION OF AUSTRALIA POST & WESTERN UNION – which is no longer a RISK but a GLOBAL REALISED PROBLEM amounting to billions!  Lives lost and so many destroyed. (Thesis given to AUSTRAC in 2012 – link

I have also reviewed the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) Mutual Review April 2015 and have been in touch with them and also provided my findings and evidence to them.

FATF have acknowledged Australia is failing in relation to money laundering and so much cash going offshore to who knows what possible terrorist group and they have only provided Australia with the low end of moderate and that our country has major work to make us compliant. (FATF Mutual Review April 2015 – link

Therefore what has happened to myself and tens of thousands of others is confirmed as a failing and non compliance by FATF – therefore I request an investigation as to which parties failed and seek compensation for damages for their failure / lack of duty of care, negligence and non compliance.

Was it?

1. Australia Post/Western Union, Commonwealth Bank – their internal audit, compliance team or external audit company?

Who failed to report to AUSTRAC?

Who in the chain of responsibility is accountable and responsible for allowing this to happen and continue to receive illegal fee income?  The CEO and Board of Directors?

2. AUSTRAC – if advised failed to take any action?

3. AUSTRAC – who did report to the ATO, ACCC, ASIC, ACORN, FOS or the AFP and they failed to take any action?

As no one ever stopped this continuing in my case and how many others?

I am currently liaising with a cyber group in the USA and they have advised the FBI also interested in my findings and evidence.

We have many supporters to continue with our public awareness program by sending our global public survey to quantify this major global problem so we can help others.

If you look at all reported on this site I found recently – – 60,000 plus reports – well people who have come forward / had the courage / have not been killed or died by suiciding?

How many others will come out once we expose all this way further via our survey and then our class action against many now it seems including the government for failure to take any action.

I was never on a dating site just sharing my cause to help people.

As advised now to most of the Australian Government and Law enforcement – why are my predators still on social media when I reported them in December 2014?  It is now end of March 2016!

Why bother report anything if no one does anything?

Why did I have to do my own investigation?

FATF have advised they will now be monitoring even closer considering my findings and evidence provided to them.

I await an urgent response please and what department / organisation and who will lead this independent investigation?

As an Australian tax payer my whole life and you work for our public I expect an honest and thorough investigation and transparent report of this investigation and findings provided to me and made public.

I will not stop until I am told who failed to report and action is taken against them.

This email will also be provided to the Governor General and various members of the Labour Party and media over the coming week.

Looking forward to a prompt response please.

Kind regards

About Author –   Helen Edwards


Spokesperson – The Public Interest, Cyber Crime AML Analyst, Advocate for Justice, Philanthropist, SAP – PM, OCM, Trainer

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