Helen Edwards: Non action by Australian Law Enforcement in Commonwealth Bank scandal

Helen Edwards

Photo : Helen Edwards

Spokesperson – The Public Interest, Cyber Crime AML Analyst, Advocate for Justice, Philanthropist, SAP – PM, OCM, Trainer

The Public Interest

Melbourne, Australia

Queensland Police Service, Australian Federal Police, ACORN

The Commonwealth Bank scandal – Australia Post, Western Union & others yet to come, should have been raised back in December 2014 when I first reported the fraud, AML breaches, blackmail, extortion and death threats then.

Why is it you closed my case after just a few months – stating you carried out a thorough and exhaustive investigation with so many other agencies and continued to ignore even after I requested you to obtain info from Western Union at their request that you had to obtain on my behalf?  You still ignore!

I have had to carry out my own now over 2.5 years investigation – to now uncover the whole country seems corrupt by non action from all those in paid accountable responsible roles funded by us tax payers.

Why is it no one in law enforcement has still not to date advised an update on my reopened case and responded to the Queensland Crime and Corruption Commission CCC letter from 9th May 2017 below?

You have 100% forensic evidence of my perpetrator in which Simon Smith found within 24 hours late last year.

The CCC states it is the Queensland Police responsibility to inform me of case status as per letter.

The last I heard by now the ‘Victorian Police’ was my case was with INTERPOL

Australia is out of control from the top down.

Government, Regulators and Law Enforcement have no idea of how to manage or clean up its mess of decades.

The Public must be refunded and compensated by the financial institutions and government agencies who have failed their AML etc legal regulatory obligations.


Download entire letter Letter to Helen Edwards re outcome of assessment

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